PS1/2 PlayStation 2 + hdld_svr 0.90 - Suddenly no connection to HDL Dump Helper GUI v2


XP not matters.
Nov 8, 2018

Today I set up a second PlayStation with HDD/Network.

Playing Games with Open PS2 Loader works over Network.

But for no apparent reason I no longer get connected with HDL Dump Helper GUI v2 and hdld.svr-0.9.0.:mellow:

Changing to 0.8.5 that connection works.
Changing back to 0.9.0 - no connection.

I use the SAME Memory Card with Free MC Boot on both PlayStation with identical Settings (for starting Tools/Applications).
I have this issue on BOTH PlayStations.

I deleted the file and copied a new one over.Still no success.
Is there any disadvantage of using the "older" version ?

Unofficial Changelog:
What's new?

-ipconfig.dat is now checked also in mc1. That's for fmcb/memor32 people having the memcard with hb at slot 2.
-Added two key combinations:
Cross+Triangle: reboot ps2. Will trigger fmcb/memento if the mc is in, if not it will take to Sony Browser.
Circle+Square: will load BOOT.ELF from these locations with this preference:
note: the ? represents either mc and the system configuration folders.

I have installed a few games and have not noticed any issues/troubles with it.

Thank you for reading and for your help.:)

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