Need some help formatting a 2TB drive for PS2 use.

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by blazingwolf, May 25, 2019.

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    I had FreeHDBoot working well using WinHiip to load the files fine on a 1TB fine. I put that on my Xbox and wanted to upgrade to an extra 2TB drive I have around. So when I tried to format my 2TB using Winhiip, it fails because it thinks the size is negative. Anyone know how I can format a 2TB drive for PS2 use?

    Edit: Note I know I can use PS2 apps to format the drive, but my PS2 1TB with FreeHDBoot is now in my Xbox. The PS2 is mod chipped though and I just want to get FreeMCBoot working again since I didn't make a MC card with it while I had FreeMCBoot. Can I burn an install disc for FreeMCBoot onto a DVD and run it to make a FMCB memory card?

    EDIT: I was able to get FreeMCBoot installed by burning a copy of ULE on a DVD and making the card off that. Now I just need to format the 2TB drive. What PS2 tool is there? I found something for Windows called HDL Dumper GUI, but it requires Java, and when I install Java, it doesn't seem to recognize the installation. Do I need a certain version of it?

    Oka was able to get ULE 2TB running and format the drive. Also HDL Dumper seems to be starting correctly. But when I run HDL Dump or HDL Dump Helper it states there are no compatible drives. I have all drives disabled in disk management but the one with my ISOs and the PS2 drive. Not sure why it isn't seeing it. I have it connected directly to the MOBO and it shows up in disk management on my PC.
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    The newest version of wLaunchElf, included with the FMCB/FHDB installer - go to MISC/HDDManager, press R1, format, copy HDDOSD loose files (not easy to find, but...), and install FHDB from a flash drive

    Let's say that 2 TB is well over an order of magnitude over the size where compromises are going to be made - and support for disks over 1 TB is a relatively recent development, so it may not be too weird to have issues with them at least with certain programs...
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    Hey man - I did this mucky tutorial for formatting troublesome hdds - you may want to look

    It demos a 640Gb hdd as I don’t have a spare 2Tb but it should work for your hdd

    I’ve always used hddmanager, built into ulaunchelf for formatting all drives, HDL Dump Helper GUI for installing games on hdds over 1Tb. Hope it helps

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