Pictlogica Final Fantasy 3DS Hex Editor Cheating - How to play Areas 31 and 32 on Citra + other

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    Pictlogica Final Fantasy is a Picross game which is Japan-exclusive on Nintendo 3DS. This game has 30 Areas with many puzzles to solve and battles to beat to unlock characters. But there's one problem. With online you can unlock areas 31 and 32. In these areas you can unlock 4 extra characters: Cloud, Zidane, Yuna and Lightning. The problem is how to do it on Citra. With the help of Hex Editor we can access these stages and more! In this tutorial I'll explain to you how to: unlock all 160 characters from the start, how to get infinite amount of stars (level-ups) and how to access areas 31 and 32. Let's Begin!

    Before we begin, make sure that your HxD Editor has these options: Bytes On Row is stayed at 16, Charset is ANSI and Offset base on hex. And also, make a backup of your save file. Just in case. Also you need these files and programs : HxD Hex Editor, Citra Emulator and a save file for Pictlogica Final Fantasy (all.dat).

    Access to Areas 31 and 32. By accessing the stages I don't mean unlocking them. I mean putting you respawn point on said zones.
    1) Exit a game if you haven't done this yet.
    2) Open all.dat save file in Hex Editor.
    3) In Offset (h) 00000D50 in Column 08 change the value to 1F for Area 31 or 20 for Area 32. You'll spawn in these areas once you'll open the game. But be careful, don't leave these Areas before getting every star because in this way you don't unlock the areas. You need to input these values every time if you want to return to said areas.
    1) Areas 31 and 32.PNG

    Unlocking all 160 characters. Unlocking them is a chore if you're doing this normal way. If you want to unlock all of them right from the start, here's how to do it:
    In Offset (h) 00000C70 from Column 00 to 0F write FF. All of them. And in offset (h) 00000C80 from Column 00 to 03 also add FF. This way you'll have all 160 characters, including Area 31 and 32 exclusives.
    2) 160 Characters.PNG

    Getting infinte ammount of stars. In this game the max. amount of stars you can get is 1286. But thanks to cheating you can even get 65535 stars. Here's how to do it:
    In offset (h) 000010E0 there are two Columns: 0C and 0D. If you want to have 255 stars, put the value FF in Column 0C. If you'll get 256th star, the 0C Value will be 00. But the 0D Value will be 01. You see where am I going with this? If the Column 0D Value is FF, then you'll get 65535 stars. But for this the Value in 0C must be 00 for this.
    3) Any number of stars.PNG

    Well, I hope I helped you with Pictlogica Final Fantasy on Nintendo 3DS. Somehow. The only problem I haven't found an answer is how to permanently unlock Areas 31 and 32. Maybe with time, I and my friend, or someone else will find a way to do this, Then I'll update this post. Thanks to my friend Ninja Gamer for helping me finding all this stuff. And also thank you for reading this post.
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    Looks like setting bytes from 0x0eb1 to 0x0eb5 to 0xff unlocks all areas, including 31 and 32.
    I still have to find the exact bits that just unlock both of them, but this will do the trick for now :-)

    @ZhenNexus do you happen to have an advanced savegame? I started playing it two weeks ago and I'm only at world 5. It would be helpful to have a savegame with everything unlocked but the locked areas.
    Do you know if you can legitly unlock areas 31 and 32 without even completing area 30?