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  • Just as a heads up. The Breath of the Wild save data appears to have changed and it no longer compatible with your save editor with the 1.4.0 update/DLC
    Old Save size: 897,160 bytes
    New Save size: 1,027,208 bytes
    Does your editor allow editing the License for Public Work Structures status in acnl?
    Buenas, por aqui puedo hablarte en castellano?
    Esque tengo unproblema y nose explicarme en ingles.
    Resulta que he desparcado los datos del save manager y los hepuesto en la sd. Cargo con HBL y si ejecuto el marron o el verde no me sale el juego para elegirlo, en el del zombi si.
    Esto es un problema ? sabes a que es debido?

    Muchas gracias.
    Ah ive been using your ram editor for awhile now for ACNL and its great! However i keep getting a communication error as well as a "this adress doesnt exist" error, What happened? will it be back to normal soon?
    Hi Marc, I have been using your acnl ram editor for a week or so and it is great! However, for the last two days I have been getting a "communication error" on my ads when I try to use it. Do you know how I might be able to fix this?
    duke_srg's site is down right now, I can't fix that, sorry :-(
    That's okay, thanks for the reply! :)
    Hello. IS it safe to use your ACNL tool, and it wont brick my 3ds or game? Could you also give me early access to the Injector?
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