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    Oct 17, 2008
    Gambia, The
    Beta 56:

    R9 beta 55 - > R9 beta 56

    - Fixed error when loading DML with a wii disc
    - Writing the NTSC/PAL video mode to SRAM, seems to fix the PAL DML video mode problem

    R9 beta 54 - > R9 beta 55

    - Added basic DML support(with heavy video mode issues)

    R9 beta 53 - > R9 beta 54

    - Wii: Added support for the changed cIOS stealth mode from d2x v8+
    - Gamecube: Changed how __GXSetVAT is patched, it might work for japanese version of Wind Waker as well

    R9 beta 52 - > R9 beta 53

    - Try to fool anti cheat protections by clearing NeoGamma's used memory before jumping to the entrypoint(asm code written by pune)
    - Fixed text loading from NAND to USB in Sneek+DI mode

    R9 beta 51 - > R9 beta 52

    - Added basic Sneek+DI/Uneek+DI support.(with lots of help from Crediar) Boot Sneek/Uneek, and then boot NeoGamma.
    - Added support for different .gct files on multi disc games. (example filename: RSPP012.gct if Wii Sports PAL had 2 discs)

    R9 beta 50 - > R9 beta 51

    - Added the possibility to boot games with the correct IOS("correct IOS") or the cIOS with the correct base IOS("Autodetect")
    - Fixed decrypted discs on newer cIOS(not using the unencrypted read for ES_Identify anymore)
    - Fixed a possible DVD Inquiry error(changed some memory allocation)
    - Added an annoying warning

    R9 beta 49 - > R9 beta 50

    - Fixed "We dare" (Credit for this goes to Oggzee and airline38)
    - Added the ability to change the hook for IOS Reloading games(2nd hook, very similar to the GC 2nd hook)
    - Added some more error checking for usb HDD detection
    - Added classic controller menu navigation
    - Moved loading .gct, .wdm and .wip files to only access storage once for these(fixes sd loading when using one of them + a recent cIOS)

    R9 beta 48 - > R9 beta 49

    - Return to channel feature should actually work now for channels
    - Changed DVD error messages
    - Added cIOS identification with info added into the cIOS by the installer/ModMii(only new cIOS)
    - Improved usb HDD detection, expecting at least 100 sectors and fixed mem2 memory allocation(fixes usb detection with cIOS with base IOS58)
    - Gamecube loading(ALL modes): Setting the audio streaming while still in Wii mode. Gets most retail GC games to work without cMIOS(doesn't work on all cIOS)
    - Fixed possible bugs related to IOS Reload blocking, when it might be enabled, while it's not wanted to be enabled(like at startup...)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Only resetting the drive a 2nd time when required(retail audio streaming game + audio streaming couldn't be set in wii mode)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Displaying some settings from GC-SRAM now, language, video mode, progressive video mode and PAL60 setting
    - Commented out code that related to old cIOS, no more warnings for cIOS rev8, no more 001 main.dol patches for cIOS rev8-13b, usb loading always expected to be there, IOS Reload block always selectable etc.

    R9 beta 47 - > R9 beta 48

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Changed to the code handler from Gecko OS 1.9.x, thanks go to biolizard89 for porting the Wii debugger code handler to GC
    - Changed Block IOS Reload to only use mode 2 as well as reloading into the cIOS NeoGamma uses(only d2xv4+)
    - Added return to HBC feature instead of returning to wii menu from games' home menu(only d2xv4+). Might work with channels and forwarders as well
    - Updated to devkiptPPC r21 and libogc 1.8.6(both modified, see .txt files for details)
    - Added cIOS rev21 identification
    - Updated the game disc region auto detection
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Removed warnings when booting GCOS itself(won't work on softmodded Wiis!)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Compressing the GC loader .dol now(about 150KB saved)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Don't boot MIOS anymore on GC mode external when no .dol is found

    R9 beta 46 - > R9 beta 47

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Reloader option ".elf fix" now uses the fast reloader instead of the forced reloader

    R9 beta 45 - > R9 beta 46

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added a new reloader setting ".elf fix" which fixes .elfs that are copied to a buffer first.
    This fixes the Agent under Fire crash after 2nd level(automatically used with reloader set to auto)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Fixed Ocarina & wiird not working correctly with .elfs(only backups and just theorectically not tested)

    R9 beta 44 - > R9 beta 45

    - Enabled secret feature. Don't make me regret this decision!
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Don't disable Ocarina if no codes are found(helps to find error sources)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Enabled patched MIOS for retail disc plugin debugging
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Fixed boot with only 2nd hook enabled
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Fixed Wind Waker NTSC-U mini map freeze for retail discs

    R9 beta 43 - > R9 beta 44

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Printing proper warnings about audio streams on screen
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): More plugin size optimisation
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Plugin debugging: Added read audio debugging for retail discs, show filenames for read audio

    R9 beta 42 - > R9 beta 43

    - Added option to show/hide the rebooter
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added firty fix to align bad audio streams
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added auto options for the backup plugin, patched MIOS and audio patches

    R9 beta 41 - > R9 beta 42

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Moved high plugin memory setup behind the apploader loop(increases compatiblity with high plugin(not patched MIOS or Action Replay + high plugin!)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added warning when audio streams without 32KB alignment are found
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Plugin debugging: Show filenames for dvd reads
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Plugin debugging: Support for games with multiple .dols/.elfs on retail discs(only debugging related!)

    R9 beta 40 - > R9 beta 41

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): More plugin size optimisations
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added some dvd read error debug messages

    R9 beta 39 - > R9 beta 40

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added ability to select the 2nd disc from an actual 2nd disc
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Checking the disc cover once, it seems this helps with disc switching in-game
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Trying to revert memory setup when loading Action Replay(so it does not overwrite the backup plugin)

    R9 beta 38 - > R9 beta 39

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Changed the debug printf patterns to patterns received from Crediar, more stable + more output
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added option to play around with the Audio Status Request fix
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added patched MIOS boot method

    R9 beta 37 - > R9 beta 38

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): More reloader optimisations, the fast reloader should work on everything now(there's a chance it breaks games that worked before with fast reloader, these should still work with forced reloader...)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Freeze with memory card in slot B should be fixed

    R9 beta 36 - > R9 beta 37

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Made the debug printf in the loader itself non blocking, should fix the current GC retail disc + Wiird issues

    R9 beta 35 - > R9 beta 36

    - Added basic cIOS rev20 identification
    - Added IOS Reload block option(only cIOSrev20+, only discs)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added proper dvd reset debugging

    R9 beta 34 - > R9 beta 35

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Fix for Wind Waker PAL freeze on mini map, might work in NTSC-U (extracted from MIOSv5, yes no c there)

    R9 beta 33 - > R9 beta 34

    - Only calling dvd inquiry once per NeoGamma boot(should fix init drive errors when using IOS61 for storage access[thanks to luminalace for reporting it], might also fix random inquiry errors)
    - Updated the HBC icon with transparency

    R9 beta 32 - > R9 beta 33

    - Added Sneek's video patch for wii games, may work better than the old patches
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Adding plugin debugging to the GUI, even for retail discs(requires usb gecko!)

    R9 beta 31 - > R9 beta 32

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Maybe fixed Action Replay support(changed suspicious jumptable nr)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): More plugin size optimisation
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Forced reloader is not saved anymore, it's only for testing(if a game requires it, NeoGamma will do it automatically once it is known)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Moved the memory setup before the apploader, might increase compatibility

    R9 beta 30 - > R9 beta 31

    - Better understandable drive warnings on read error
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Dirty fix for Ikaruga(Thanks to Crediar for pointing to 0xCC006020 for Audio Status Requests)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added lots of debug output(need to build debug version for this)

    R9 beta 29 - > R9 beta 30

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Fixed audio streaming on retail discs with the help of Crediar(Eternal Darkness, Starfox Adventures ...)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added 4 new hooktypes thanks to Crediar(they all are for the same function, but different patterns)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added possiblity to boot games with the high plugin for testing purposes(that it'S not saved is not a bug!)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Maybe fixed some serious memory setup issue(should be most noticeable when using the high plugin)

    R9 beta 28 - > R9 beta 29

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Fixed wrong time&date in GC games

    R9 beta 27 - > R9 beta 28

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Removed dvd_report_error_replacement to get more free memory
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Calling the callback function directly for everything that does nothing

    R9 beta 26 - > R9 beta 27

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Next try to get rid of the random crashes

    R9 beta 25 - > R9 beta 26

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added another sleep before video init in GC mode
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Removed pad init in GC mode
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added option to set reloader to forced(fixes 007 Agent under Fire, automatically set to forced on it)

    R9 beta 24 - > R9 beta 25

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added a sleep before booting BC, hopefully fixes these random crashes
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Output which dvd function is used(just additional info)

    R9 beta 23 - > R9 beta 24

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added Nicksasa's GC hooks again, they seem to work for a few games

    R9 beta 22 - > R9 beta 23

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added warnings if dvd functions could or would not be patched

    R9 beta 21 - > R9 beta 22

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Using a png as background now
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Removed sleep from beta 21, didn't help

    R9 beta 20 - > R9 beta 21

    - Using devkitPPC r21, libogc 1.8.3 and libfat 1.0.7 now
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added a sleep before video init(maybe helps with random crashes on startup)

    R9 beta 19 - > R9 beta 20

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Virtually disable Ocarina when no codes are found
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Removed debugging only related dvd commands in the plugins
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added plugin memory protection on reloader(_tiny_ chance it fixes some multi .dol game problems)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added report_error to low plugin(_tiny_ chance it fixes some audio problems)

    R9 beta 18 - > R9 beta 19

    - All unused options are now greyed out
    - Allow .gct files with 4 and 6 digits of the disc id
    - Auto Force language now only forces if the Wii's region is different from the game's region
    - Added hidden feature for developers only, only talk in PM about it

    R9 beta 17 - > R9 beta 18

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Restored the possibilty to boot single game discs with Action Replay on a multi game disc
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Speed optimisation for the reloader
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Removed unused code

    R9 beta 16 - > R9 beta 17

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Dirty fix for Pokemon Box(proved to be not that bad)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Enabled reloader for games booted via Action Replay(but cheats won't work on mutli .dol games)

    R9 beta 15 - > R9 beta 16

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Finally added reloader support

    R9 beta 14 - > R9 beta 15

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Allow the drive to reset. The 2nd disc feature now works(again)

    R9 beta 13 - > R9 beta 14

    - Cosmetical changes to GUI and code
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Calling ICInvalidateRange after DCFlushRange in the backup plugin, maybe increases stability, but results in slower reading

    R9 beta 12 - > R9 beta 13

    - Finally added saving of the gamecube options
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added Ocarina support (only retail discs)

    R9 beta 11 - > R9 beta 12

    - Added .wip files for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands(not confirmed to work yet)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Switching to game video mode just before booting the game, fixes some video mode issues during the loading screen
    - When using a .wip patch, it says "patch forced!" now if the old data from the .wip file did not match the data in memory

    R9 beta 10 - > R9 beta 11

    - Changed alt .dol code, seems bss wasn't cleared...
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): reverted video mode code from beta 10
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added proof of concept Wiird support for GC(only retail discs, only debugger, only VI hook)

    R9 beta 9 - > R9 beta 10

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Changed video mode code in the GC loading screen(doesn't change anything...)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Using drive command to enable audio streaming now(retail Eternal Darkness still not booting, while the backup still boots)

    R9 beta 8 - > R9 beta 9

    - Added identification of the used cIOS(rev13a+b, rev18 and rev19 only)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Disabled all debug printf and patching of debug printf in the main.dol

    R9 beta 7 - > R9 beta 8

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added video mode patches

    R9 beta 6 - > R9 beta 7

    - Rearranged the menu
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added PAL(auto) video mode, it's PAL480i for NTSC and PAL576i for PAL games
    - Don't bug with the drive info when loading from usb

    R9 beta 5 - > R9 beta 6

    - Prevent that a stubbed IOS249 is loaded
    - Added warning on dvd read error for drives that can't read DVD-Rs(needs to be improved)
    - Hide usb/sd loading option when using an IOS

    R9 beta 4 - > R9 beta 5

    - Added code that allows to identify where a dvd read error occured

    R9 beta 3 - > R9 beta 4

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Partly fixed video mode code, forcing PAL60 works at least for some NTSC games now(but not PAL games!)

    R9 beta 2 - > R9 beta 3

    - Fixed alt .dol disc+ bug causing some .dols to be unloadable
    - Added .wdm file for Rampage: Total Destrucion(by woodoste)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Hopefully fixed code dump when playing certain backups that are not multi game discs(bug found by Levente)

    R9 beta 1 - > R9 beta 2

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Added support for retail discs
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Changed video mode code, only confirmed working video mode is NTSC480i, PAL480i is confirmed to NOT work at the moment, PAL576i seems to work, progressive unknown
    - Gamecube loading: Clearing bss before loading .dol sections for homebrew .dols(only relevant when building a cMIOS)

    R8 - > R9 beta 1

    - Gamecube multi game disc selection moved to wii mode(compatible cMIOS + GC mode 'internal' only) see gamecube.txt for details
    - Fixed controls(support 2nd, 3rd and 4th controller, shutdown always possible when waiting for button press)

    Gamecube backups on discs mini FAQ:
    Requirements for gamecube backup launching from disc with NeoGamma:
    - A Wii with a backup compatible drive(if the wii is not white, it's not backup compatible, backup resistant white Wiis were sold since christmas '09, no backup disc compatible Wiis in the shelves anymore 1-2 months later). Easy test: In the latest NeoGamma, remove disc from the drive and select launch game from disc. You will get a read error. If your drive is too new, NeoGamma will say so. (after read errors when trying to read from disc)

    - A GC backup compatible cIOS installed and used. For testing until it works, install d2x56v6, as it just works for gamecube games and 95% of all Wii games, including the latest ones. NeoGamma shows at the bottom of the screen which cIOS is used. If does not say: "d2x56v6 (249)", you did not install the cIOS correctly.

    - A GC homebrew compatible cMIOS. If you don't know which one you have, just install a the recommend one. cMIOS and MIOS always overwrite any MIOS or cMIOS you currently have installed. Waninkoko's cMIOS up to rev5(including) are not GC homebrew compatible. All of WiiGator's cMIOS should be compatible, but the original WiiGator cMIOS might suffer from stability issues. Well this should only affect the switching into GC mode, once a game is running, there are no differences. Recommend cMIOS: The one from this thread, because: It's NeoGamma compatible, still allows to play retail GC discs from disc channel without issues, it allows to use the debugger when booting with patched MIOS and it's just best tested and known to work.

    - The correct options in NeoGamma:
    Storage device: SD or USB using cIOS(the others should work too, but most people try everything, so...)
    Gamecube Mode: internal (MIOS just boots MIOS like the disc channel does, external boots sd:/NeoGamma/GC.dol in GC mode)
    Force Video: Disc(with component cables, you might need to try all options)
    Patch Video: No(only relevant on import games with color issues)
    Reloader, Backup plugin, Audio fix and Patched MIOS: Auto
    GC Ocarina&debugger: No

    - A valid game image written on the disc. Well the best way to find out if this is the reason why GC backup launching is not working at all is to create a clean new dump from a retail disc with SuperDump or CleanRip(newer than SuperDump and maybe better). Multi game discs are valid discs, but i can only say that the multi game discs created with MultiGame ISO Creator v3.5.4F+ work for sure. MultiGame ISO Creator v4.x is known to NOT work with NeoGamma! Important: If a game has audio streaming, then shrinking it will break the image. When audio streaming games are shrunk, they also need to be fstfixed with the 32K fix in order to work properly. The 32K fix in NeoGamma might be able to fix this on-the-fly, but it's still experimental. The expected error is that the game crashes or shows a read error when the game tries to play an audio stream.

    - Being able to get into the actual GC loader, which requires "GC mode internal" + a compatible cMIOS. When it says "NeoGamma GC Backup Launcher" on top of the screen, only then it is actually executing GC code, only then NeoGamma will do anything more about GC games than Gecko OS or any other loader that just boots MIOS. (which won't even boot all retail GC games correctly right now)

    - If you have a modchip, then multi game discs won't work with "GC mode internal", only single game discs. If you boot GCOS from NeoGamma, then GCOS is responsible for compatiblity, video modes, cheats and anything else.

    - And last but not least: A good disc. Only use high quality media and never burn slower than 4x. If you believe you need to burn slow, then use 4x, all others try 8x,12x or 16x. And DVD+Rs need the booktype set to DVD-R(dvd-rom) on burning, or the Wii won't be able to read them. This procedure is called bitsetting, just google it. Especially if the games can't be booted at all and NeoGamma doesn't even switch to the internal GC loader, then it's a disc or .iso problem for sure.

    Official gamecube compatiblity list:
    (NeoGamma should play everything that plays on WiiGator's loader, there's no need to flood the list with "works on NeoGamma" and similar)

    Older versions:
    Beta 55: http://www.mediafire...8llqe2yd6fz8fpo
    Beta 54: http://www.mediafire...eopvohc80xxilc7
    Beta 53: http://www.mediafire...3pobzgz408396os
    Beta 52: http://www.mediafire...bq3ymcyqn1cu7a9
    Beta 51: http://www.mediafire...59pwg2jbe34dlck
    Beta 50: http://www.mediafire...80e030vuzzunwc8
    Beta 49 fixed: http://www.mediafire...a4kk4io6b5gxy7f
    Beta 49: http://www.mediafire...qk8cy7crgb90c82
    (beta 49 is broken, some games just freeze as soon as a wii mote is powered up)
    Beta 48: http://www.mediafire...pl7vxcbzxwf2m4o
    Beta 47: http://www.mediafire...qcfl9iymgce7ec4
    Beta 46: http://www.mediafire...88568his8x6eit7
    Beta 45: http://www.mediafire...hm4m2qf0ds15afj
    Beta 44: http://www.mediafire...dl52bcjogdstpn8
    Beta 43: http://www.mediafire...cii4d8pqc1d20gn
    Beta 42: http://www.mediafire...loyv8n8g9yeoqxo
    Beta 41: http://www.mediafire...bcg4tc93137ytu1
    Beta 40: http://www.mediafire...8eb8y4qctf5momi
    Beta 39: http://www.mediafire...k0bke334wt6j5t3
    Beta 38: http://www.mediafire...6kb4a7ue50zxhil
    Beta 37: http://www.mediafire...5kwhfdh9ff59h80
    Beta 36: http://www.mediafire...cob2d7b5cc6kjvr
    Beta 35: http://www.mediafire...9zdaubafqifgbj1
    Beta 34: http://www.mediafire...zryj3y98rvpxe98
    Beta 33: http://www.mediafire...fh4a3vlo7zus7bd
    Beta 32: http://www.mediafire...adyf4u888yt3s9y
    Beta 31: http://www.mediafire...rf5r0nftldhunq6
    Beta 30: http://www.mediafire...yedyjiekj4vcynw
    Beta 29: http://www.mediafire.com/?z25mw2ymjtw
    Beta 28: http://rapidshare.co...mmaR9beta28.zip
    Beta 27: http://www.mediafire.com/?q2zezxnxjli
    Beta 26: http://rapidshare.com/files/402918618/NeoG...beta26.zip.html
    Beta 25: http://rapidshare.com/files/402666323/NeoG...beta25.zip.html
    Beta 24: http://www.mediafire.com/?odi4zwmckvn
    Beta 23: http://www.mediafire.com/?rdmjjnjc3y0
    Beta 22: http://www.mediafire.com/?bzdwy2mni5j
    Beta 21: http://www.mediafire.com/?2kzulzjqbkv
    Beta 20: http://filetrip.net/...-R9-Beta20.html
    Beta 19: http://www.mediafire.com/?0yijkeygmnz
    Beta 18: http://www.mediafire.com/?iymjcytzybc
    Beta 17: http://www.mediafire.com/?m5ym1emzwmn
    Beta 16: http://www.mediafire.com/?odmzzmvzxdw
    Beta 15: http://www.mediafire.com/?nknit125rzm
    Beta 14: http://www.mediafire.com/?dznzyzm0zan
    Beta 13: http://www.mediafire.com/?ogmmmnlrzyn
    Beta 12: http://www.mediafire.com/?onkymmmydmy
    Beta 11: http://www.mediafire.com/?njdly2jqzni
    Beta 10: http://www.mediafire.com/?dw5y2ukyntn
    Beta 9: http://www.mediafire.com/?hjybyun1ywt
    Beta 8: http://www.mediafire.com/?2tfgozq3knn
    Beta 7: http://www.mediafire.com/?1vzzz3l4j3y
    Beta 6: http://www.mediafire.com/?2yzyom0r3yj
    Beta 5: http://www.mediafire.com/?mrrzfjzjzrl
    Beta 4: http://rapidshare.com/files/374285060/NeoG...9beta4.zip.html
    Beta 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?nnv1jxtmzlf
    Beta 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?mizmynvmnli
    Beta 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?d1ojzv5numv

    Recommended cIOS:
    d2x with IOS56 as base IOS installed as IOS249. It's the cIOS with the best compatiblity and the least bugs from all cIOS you can use for NeoGamma(Hermes cIOS are not supported). Only some games that want to use IOS57(some games with microphones) or IOS58(games with usb 2.0 stuff, like a cam) will require to use a different base IOS. Since beta51, NeoGamma supports to automatically load other cIOS when another cIOS with another base IOS is better("IOS for games: Autodetect" setting), so it's recommend to install d2x with base IOS57 as IOS250 as your 2nd cIOS. How to install:
    1. Download ModMii:

    2a. Run ModMii on your PC, create a wad for the latest d2x cIOS with base IOS56("4"->"249d2x56")
    2b. Run ModMii on your PC, create a wad for the latest d2x cIOS with base IOS57("4"->"250d2x57")
    3. Copy it to the "wad" folder on your sd card.
    4a. If you don't have IOS236, install it, if you have it, skip this step...
    4b. Run WAD Manager on your Wii, select to use IOS236 and install the wads.

    More info on d2x:

    Recommend cMIOS for homebrew,retail&backup discs and softmodded&hardmodded Wiis. It's WiiGator's cMIOS just in a new installer(only required for GC mode internal or external):
    New version(based on MIOSv10):

    Other cMIOS:
    Old version(based on MIOSv4):

    Alternative cMIOS for homebrew but for retail discs only(only required for GC mode internal or external):

    Useful tools:

    Put several GC games on a single game disc:
    MultiGame ISO Creator v3.5.4F+
    (Attention: Please use "fstfix t" on all shrunken .isos, after shrinking, before putting on multi game discs. This should fix all issues with games that "don't work shrunken". And it might also increase the reading speed for those games.) The reason for this is that audio streams(.adp files and some others) need 32KB alignment, but the shrinking kills it, "fstfix t" gets all files to 32KB alignment.
    Important: For some reason MultiGame ISO Creator v4.x is not working with NeoGamma, so use v3.5.4F+
    Also keep in mind that modchip + multi game .isos don't work with the internal GC mode.

    "Fix" GC .iso files
    Wiped GCM Fixer 1.5F also callled Fstfix 1.5F
    Baten Kaitos works if both discs are put on the same multi game disc with MultiGame ISO Creator v3.5.4F+, and the 1st disc is patched with the options:
    FSTFIX BKdisc1.gcm t s g
    and the 2nd with these:
    FSTFIX BKdisc2.gcm t s f

    Open GC .iso files and extract stuff(more or less WiiScrubber for GC games)


    All "new" GC stuff is only revevant if a compatible cMIOS is used and NeoGamma is set to internal GC mode.
    Note that Waninkoko's cMIOS up to rev5(including) are not compatible with GC mode internal and external.

    For more details about the different GC modes see gamecube.txt
    The NeoGamma gamecube modes allow to change NeoGamma's behaviour when booting gamecube discs.

    All these settings are only relevant if there's a GC disc in the drive and it is "launched"

    Recommend MIOS(WiiGator's cMIOS):

    Once Waninkoko released rev6 of his cMIOS, NeoGamma will be able to use both GC loaders(its own and Waninkokos') without the need to install a new cMIOS. (it will obviously require to have Waninkoko's cMIOS rev6 installed) With GC mode MIOS it will load with Waninkoko's loader, with internal GC mode it will use its own loader. This way it will be possible to switch quickly between both to get the best from both.

    The modes:

    Just boot the MIOS, boots the GC disc the same way as Gecko OS and the old Gamma do

    Makes the MIOS boot the _homebrew_ GC .dol located in the NeoGamma folder on sd card(sd:/NeoGamma/GC.dol). This is can be used for example to use WiiGator's 0.2 GC backup launcher instead of the modified version NeoGamma uses

    Launches the included GC backup launcher, which is a modification of WiiGator's 0.2 GC backup launcher. Currently this doesn't support booting with a patch MIOS, but has some improvements regaring the reloader. For multi game discs, the selection which game to boot is moved to wii mode. Select 2nd disc with 1/Z, if no 2nd disc is selected it is auto detected. To switch the disc in-game, just eject and reinsert the disc.

    *external and internal GC mode require a compatible cMIOS. WiiGator's cMIOS are compatible,

    Waninkoko's cMIOS rev 6+ will most likely also be compatible

    List of achieved improvements for GC loading:
    (improvements over WiiGator's loader)

    - Play retail GC discs
    - Play retail "problem games" like Eternal Darkness, Starfox Adventures and Zelda Ocarina of Time
    - Ocarina/Wiird on retail GC discs
    - Select which game to boot from multi game discs in wii mode(NeoGamma itself)
    - Autodetection for 2nd disc on multi game discs
    - Increased speed for the reloader(setting: fast, forced is as slow as before but may have a better compatibility)
    - The reloader always stays active now
    - Optional alternative Audio Status Request handling(gets Ikaruga to work)
    - Fixing .elf files that are loaded to a buffer first(fixes 007 Agent under Fire crash after the 2nd level)

    Known and confirmed not working gamecube backups:

    - Phantasy Star Online 1+2+3(black screen with normal plugin, "an error occured" with high plugin)
    debug output:
    Launching game...
    Entrypoint: 0x8000c0408

    Dolphin OS $Revision: 54 $.
    Kernel built : Jun 5 2002 02:09:12
    Console Type : Retail 3
    Memory 24 MB
    Arena : 0x80057100 - 0x817e66c0
    app booted from bootrom

    AppSwitcher executed

    dvd_read1 buf: 0x807cb0e0 off: 0x41fa5570 size: 0x00019580 file: switcher.prs
    dvd_patchread reloader_status=0
    SubApp filename : %s
    - 007 Everything or Nothing(Reboots the Wii)
    debug output:
    Launching game...
    Entrypoint: 0x806800548
    << Dolphin SDK - EXI debug build: Apr 17 2003 12:21:00 (0x2301) >>
    << Dolphin SDK - SI debug build: Apr 17 2003 12:21:02 (0x2301) >>

    Dolphin OS
    Kernel built : Apr 17 2003 12:20:48
    Console Type : Retail 2
    Memory 24 MB
    Arena : 0x806c5bc0 - 0x817e3920
    << Dolphin SDK - OS debug build: Apr 17 2003 12:20:48 (0x2301) >>
    << Dolphin SDK - DVD debug build: Apr 22 2003 15:36:43 (0x2301) >>
    PersistentDataManager: initialized shared mem ptr to 0x806af36c
    PersistentDataManager: shared structure size is: 572 bytes
    BASE: Starting up stub...
    << Dolphin SDK - PAD debug build: Apr 17 2003 12:21:28 (0x2301) >>
    Shared size = 572 (0x23c), Uber size = 1 (0x1)
    BASE: Coldstart module, clearing Uber Memory
    Zeroing uber region from 0x811ff400 - 0x81200000
    BASE: Number of loads = 0
    Base: Detected first run, launching...
    Base: IDL is #0: ENG (lang code: 0)
    UBER: Reading file info for: action.dol
    UBER: File info successfully read
    UBER: Restarting system at address: 42362408
    PDM: prep for image swap (NGC)
    Transferring 604 bytes from array[612] at PersistentRawData::s_pUberSharedData(0x806af36c) to UBER_SHARED_START_ADDR(0x811ff400)
    Transferring 2468 bytes from array[2476] at PersistentRawData::s_pUberGameData(0x806af5d0) to UBER_NON_SHARED_START_ADDR(0x811ff65c)

    TODO/wish list:
    (only GC related)

    - Get progressive video mode to work on all games that support it(can't test myself => i can't do it)
    - Fix the 50% slowdown that can happen on 480p forcing, or at least warn about it(can't test myself => i can't do it)
    - Write to SRAM, this could be the solution for some video mode issues, and allow to force languages
    - Proper Audio Status Request handling(the old handling breaks Ikaruga, the new breaks Eternal Darkness). Priority very low, no game reported to not work because of improper audio streaming handling
    - Find a way to fake/force the language setting(SRAM?)
    - .wip patches for gamecube games
    - Alternative .dol loading(maybe won't be done, because the reloader seems to work nicely)
  2. tj_cool

    tj_cool Site dev

    Jan 7, 2009
    Great stuff WiiPower [​IMG]
    Mirror'd on FT

    and updated my topic to link here for R9 Beta stuff
    Margen67 likes this.
  3. KiiWii

    KiiWii Reporter

    Nov 17, 2008
    United Kingdom
    Excellent work as ever WiiPower.
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  4. arevir711

    arevir711 Member

    Mar 9, 2010
    United States
    "List of achieved improvements:
    - Play retail GC discs
    - Select which game to boot from multi game discs in wii mode(NeoGamma itself)"

    Will this also fix the black and white, auto booting to PAL, issue on multi disc games on multi iso image?

    Currently stumped as to how to enable color. Forcing NTSC has no effect. Only GameCube Launcher 0.1x doesn't auto boot the inserted disc and plays in color.

    Nice improvements as well! Keep up the good work WiiPower! [​IMG]
    Margen67 likes this.
  5. WiiPower

    OP WiiPower GBAtemp Guru

    Oct 17, 2008
    Gambia, The
    It should force NTSC if you select that in NeoGamma's options. And you need to have the correct cMIOS and settings. And the game needs to be NTSC, i think on GC we have the same video mode problem as on Wii, some games don't like the wrong video mode.
  6. Levente

    Levente GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 28, 2006
    Super Mario Sunshine retail works
    The Legend of Zelda Four Swords retail doesn't work
    Batman Rise of Sin Tzu retail doesn't work
    Dragon Ball Z Budokai retail doesn't work
    UEFA Champions Leauge retail works

    WiiGator's cMIOS 0.2 and cIOS rev19[57]
  7. Levente

    Levente GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 28, 2006
    With internal mode I always get codedump with single backup discs, but I could launch all of my games on my only multidisc.

    Neogamma R8 boots single GC backups well in internal mode!
  8. WiiPower

    OP WiiPower GBAtemp Guru

    Oct 17, 2008
    Gambia, The
    I only have only 1 GC backup that's a multi game disc. I will try to fix this soon.

    Edit: I think i found the bug that caused this. Maybe it caused my PAL60 problem as well.
  9. WiiPower

    OP WiiPower GBAtemp Guru

    Oct 17, 2008
    Gambia, The
    Beta 3 is out. The only GC related change is a fixed bug for discs that contain only 1 game

    Beta 3 should fix at least this problem. I'm almost sure you have video mode set to wii or disc, am i right?
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  10. Levente

    Levente GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 28, 2006
    It was set to disc.
  11. gaojiugao

    gaojiugao Advanced Member

    Feb 26, 2009
    Suppoert for GC games? That's sound good.
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  12. M[u]ddy

    M[u]ddy GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Sep 4, 2009
    Wind Waker (PAL) still doesn't work.
    It would be really nice if you could later on also work on support for 480p in PAL games. I know that the Qoob Pro modchip for Gamecube could force a lot of PAL games into 480p.
  13. Krestent

    Krestent What to post?

    Mar 31, 2009
    United States
    If I wanted to have both cMIOS's installed, couldn't I potentially have one cMIOS installed to a different title, then modify the source to look there?
  14. WiiPower

    OP WiiPower GBAtemp Guru

    Oct 17, 2008
    Gambia, The
    Not possible. NeoGamma actually starts BC which starts the MIOS. But i think it won't be required once Waninkoko releases rev6 of his cMIOS. With that you can set NeoGamma to GC mode MIOS -> Use Waninkoko's loader or set the GC mode to internal -> My GC loader. And the loader is the only relevant difference between the MIOS. Well the MIOS revision you use as base might be relevant, but that should be it.
  15. spotanjo3

    spotanjo3 GBAtemp Legend

    Nov 6, 2002
    United States
    Should I delete Backup Loader and GC Launcher and use this one from now on ?
  16. YOCJ

    YOCJ Advanced Member

    Apr 23, 2009
    Thanks once again WiiPower for your work! [​IMG]
  17. madri1

    madri1 GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 15, 2006
    wiipower do you plan to include support for different cios, i mean 250 and maybe in the future different number ?
  18. Eon-Rider

    Eon-Rider GBAtemp Maniac

    Jun 15, 2008
    It's great to see people still trying to improve GameCube disc loading. Thank WiiPower. =)
  19. OuahOuah

    OuahOuah GBAtemp Maniac

    Oct 2, 2006
    As we can have USB loading for GC, the only way os to improve existing method [​IMG]
    Seems harder than Wii loading in fact...
  20. WiiPower

    OP WiiPower GBAtemp Guru

    Oct 17, 2008
    Gambia, The
    Beta 4 got me PAL480i on a NTSC game, and NTSC480i on some PAL games. PAL480i is NOT working for PAL games, but that shouldn't be an issue, if a PAL game supports PAL60, then it allows to set it on boot, or it sets automatically to it.

    PS: The curent status on Ocarina/Wiird doesn't look good, it freezes the game directly on boot. I tried with the new code handler and a hooktype that Nicksasa created for me.
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