Mechanical keyboards or something else?

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    After 2 years, the leg on my cheap logitech keyboard broke and started to lag a lot when I try to type with it. I'm now looking into spending a little more for the sake of quality. So far I played about with some of the "gaming keyboards" in my local electrical store and while I enjoyed the tactile feel, I wasn't sure if the sound would get on my nerves after a while. So far, I tested the Razer, Logitech and Corsair keyboard but is there any other unknown but good brands as well?
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    I have a $60 Rosewill keyboard with Cherry MX Blacks in it that I really like
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    I am rarely sold on "gaming" anything. It is usually a marketing gimmick designed to part fools from their money. Sadly where I have found an alternative for mice ( are great, comparable to any "gaming" brand I have ever used, and priced to my liking) I am struggling for keyboards, though it seems said company has now done something and might have to give it a little punt.

    Mechanical keyboards themselves go back decades -- for the last however long I have been using an acer ps/2 one without a windows key that I found at a car boot sale. Said car boot sales and charity shops being where I find them (I make sure to press a key on every one I see in such places and don't recognise) as everywhere else tends to recognise their greatness and price accordingly. The original and somewhat sought after was the IBM Model M keyboard, variations of which are still made but priced like gaming ones (see unicomp). They did however seemingly fall out of favour, or at least have their price undercut, in the 90s with tactile membrane stuff and whatever horrors I have seen on laptop keyboards since.

    If you type truly thousands of words (like 100,000 word documents) then they might not be ideal (hopefully you can say RSI as you surely won't be typing it) but for general and gaming use I absolutely adore them.

    Word of warning. If you have housemates of some flavour then a mechanical keyboard going at 3am will drive them up the wall. Each press of mine sounds like someone in an 80's cheesy action film racking a shotgun [dramatic pause] like they mean it, and being able to type like I have used a computer for as long as I have.
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    Personally I’ve been looking into wireless keyboards instead of mechanical or gaming laptops. Sure mechanical keyboards have the advantage of individual actuators, but most are too noisy for my needs.

    Logitech Craft looks amazing for a wireless keyboard... but that price... that price...
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    Once you go mechanical, you DONT go back. Its annoying to go to school/work and not feeling a mechanical keyboard after your used to it.
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    Jun 29, 2007
    To be honest I was born mechanical (there wasn't much else back in the day, unless you wanted to go very low qualitzx), I went through it, then times changed, keyboards changed, I really felt better using the new non-mechanical keyboards, then times changed, gamers became hipsters and started using almost classic typing machines again, it seems they wanted to listen the hammer hitting the ink ribbon or something, and I still don't get the "comfort" on it.

    I mean, I still have an IBM Model M in some closet somewhere, back from when I got it around 1988 or so, but I feel just as uncomfortable as the "gaming" mechanical keyboards... whatever, I feel better with low travel distance high quality membrane keyboard.
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    I love my Logitech G710+ with MX Browns. Then again I got mine brand new for $25. I can't go back to membrane keyboards for personal use.
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