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Battle Kart 64 greatly expands the battle mode in Mario Kart 64 by adding new game modes and options including stock and time battles, team scoring, the ability to play battle mode on race courses, CPU bots, item toggling, and many more things.
The hack is console compatible, expansion pack is required to be playable.
How to patch:
- Apply the .bps patch to a (USA/NTSC) Mario Kart 64 rom that is in .z64 format using your own patching utility or online patchers.​

Game modes:
-Traditional: This is the same as the original battle mode. A hit counts against you.
-Hot potato: When the battle starts, the first person hit becomes the “hot potato” and they start smoking and a timer will appear below them and start counting down to zero.
If another player gets hit before the countdown timer reaches zero, that player becomes the “hot potato” instead and will inheret the counter and start smoking.
This means if you are the hot potato, you need to hit someone else before the countdown timer reaches zero.
Whoever is the hot potato when the counter reaches zero will briefly flash and (depending the scoring mode) lose 1 HP or have their hit counter increase by 1.
The counter then resets and waits for the next player to be hit and the whole process starts all over again.
-Squish: Similar to Traditional mode, but a hit player will first shrink for a short amount of time.
The shrunk player must then be run over for the hit to count.

Scoring modes:
-Stock: Each player starts with a set number of hit points (HP). If a player's HP reaches zero, they die. The last player standing wins. In the Traditional game mode, if you set the HP to 3 or less, the balloons will be used.
-Time: A match with a time limit in minutes, set in the menu. Each time a player is hit, their hit counter will increase by one.
The player with the lowest number of hits when the timer reaches zero is the winner. If the timer reachers zero and there is a tie, the game will go to Sudden Death where each remaining tied player can take one more hit.
-Team Points: Players are divided into two teams. In a 4 player game, Team 1 is players 1 & 2 and Team 2 is players 3 & 4. In a 3 player game, Team 1 is players 1 & 2 and Team 2 is player 3.
A hit on an opposing team member scores a point for your team. Beware! Friendly fire or spinouts will award the opposing team a point, so be aware of who you are shooting at and drive safely.
The team that reaches the maximum number of points, set in the menu, first is the winner.
-Team Time: Same as the Team Points scoring mode, but with a time limit instead of a maximum number of points to reach.
The team with the highest number of points when the timer reaches zero is the winner.
If both teams are tied when the timer reaches zero, the game will go into Sudden Death and the team to score the next point wins.

If you turn this on, Lakitu will grab you after you take a hit and you will respawn. This option was mostly added to make the gameplay more resemble First Person Shooters.

Item toggling:
All the items used in battle mode (bananas, banana bunches, green shells, triple green shells, red shells, fake item boxes, stars, and ghosts) can be toggled on or off like in Super Smash Bros.

Auto Items:
Turning on "Auto Items" will give all players items at random intervals without the need to hit an item box.
This can be useful when playing on race courses or if you just don't want to deal with having to hit item boxes to get an item. It is also useful if playing race courses with "flattend courses" turned on, since the race course item boxes are not necessarily accessable.

Infinite Green Shells:
Each player can fire an infinite number of green shells. No other items are useable with "inifinite green shells" on.
Note that there is a maximum number of shells that can be on the course at any one time, so "infinite green shells" is best played on a course where the shells can fall off such as Big Donut or Skyscraper. It also goes well with "flattened courses".

Flat Courses:
This option makes all courses flat. It is almost like playing new coureses! Works best for Block Fort.
The item box heights have been adjusted to match the flat course height for all four battle coureses, but this is not the case if you are playing on race courses.
If you play "flat courses" on race courses, the item boxes might not be reachable it is advisable to enable "auto items".

Turning this option on changes the graphics to 16:9 anamorphic widescreen. Useful for playing on modern TVs.
Note that this might introduce a small amount of lag on console.

Normally most N64 games apply a software antialiasing filter to the graphics to smooth out the jagged edges. Mario Kart 64 has the antialiasing on by default.
Turning the antialiasing off results in sharper more "pixelated" graphics you might prefer on a modern screen.
Disabling the antialiasing also reduces the lag in the game, so if you want to improve the FPS, try turning the antialiasing off.

3P/4P Music:
This option enables the game music in 3 and 4 player modes. On console, it adds a small amount of lag.

Same Chars:
This option allows multiple players to select the same character. Useful if you want to be the same character used by a bot.

Game Tempo:
The game tempo sets the game's frames per second (FPS) to ensure the game runs at a reasonable pace.
On emulator it should be set to "30 FPS". On console this should be set to "DEAFULT" so that the tempo is automatically adjusted depending on the course and number of players.
The game will attempt to detect if it is on console or emulator and set this option accordingly.
You can adjust it manually if you want to DEAFULT, 15 FPs, 20 FPS, 30 FPS, or 60 FPS.
If you find the game is lagging, you can try lowering the FPS.
The 60 FPS option is experimental and a work in progress so only try it if you are feeling adventurous.
Read more about the game tempo and lag frames here:

This option lets you disable the in game minimap. It is on by default.

Ludicroius Speed:
Turning this option on will make the top speed of all players very fast.

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