Hardware M3 Lite DS emu/homebrew issues


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Jan 31, 2008
United States
Hey guys,

I just recently purchased an M3 Lite and Passcard 3 combo and have had trouble getting any DS application to run. I can play NES games, music, movies, etc. just fine, but the DS portion seems to crap out.

Here is the deal:

I tried 4 different games which I added through the M3 Game manager and every time I load them it reboots the system to a blank illuminated screen. I have also tried to run DSOrganize but the same issues occur.

I have tried using DLDIrc on DSOrganize with the M3 SD, M3 SD (Alt), and GBAMP versions...all produce the same error. I have updated my game manager to 35e and the M3's firmware to 35e. After upgrading the firmware I now see a small black box next to DSOrganize.nds (presumably a preview of what it should look like).

I am at a loss of what to do and it is really disappointing. Please help me out! Thanks


I now have Contra 4 working...so I guess I figured out how to emulate the DS games...but I really would like to browse the internet with my DS and would like DSOrganize to work. So I suppose any advice on that would be great.
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