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Loadiine GX2 v0.3 nightly builds
A WiiU game Loader with GX2 GUI

What is Loadiine GX2?

Loadiine is a WiiU homebrew. It launches WiiU game backups from SD card.
Its Graphical User Interface is based on the WiiU GX2 graphics engine.
It's currently offline mode only, it doesn't allow you to play games online.
Loadiine is region free, allowing you to play games from another region, but sometime it might require your intervention to edit some files.

This homebrew is developed by @dimok, who worked on the previous loadiine version 2.0 to 4.0 too.
He was also the main developer of USBLoaderGX and WiiXplorer on Wii.


Loadiine GX2 is currently compatible with
WiiU v3.0.0
WiiU v3.1.0
(Work in progress. User help is needed)
WiiU v4.0.0
WiiU v4.1.0 (NOT all games are working with v4.1 and lower)
WiiU v5.0.0
WiiU v5.1.0
WiiU v5.3.2
WiiU v5.4.0
WiiU v5.5.0
WiiU v5.5.1
WiiU v5.5.2

A game compatibility list can be found on Wikitemp.

Note that adding compatibility to older WiiU version will not have the same compatibility than this wiki list.
This is because new games require function added in newer firmware. If a game need a function it can't find in the firmware, it will not work.
If you want to update the compatibility list, please be sure you tested the game with the newest firmware or ask other users if they are experiencing the same issue.

More pictures !

The 3 main designs

The main settings

Choosing the design to display on the gamepad


Latest official
Loadiine GX2 v0.2 (open beta), released on 2016-03-03
Download from github.

Latest build or beta
You can find nightly builds (automatic builds after each source changes) on the same link, but remember that they are not necessarily working, stable or tested. All commits are not for regular use by the end users. Please, use at your own risk, and please report any issues to help developers fix them.
If you use latest beta version, you are encouraged to read this thread regularly to follow the progress, participate, debug and help the developers.



You need to extract the latest loadiine release to your SD card:

Launching Loadiine GX2

1) Homebrew Launcher method

And if you don't already have it, download and extract the Homebrew Launcher to your SD card:

Do not copy the "www" folder on your SD card.

Now launch the homebrew launcher from your favorite webhost exploit, or host and visit the homebrew launcher's "www" folder on your own private server.
Recommended :

2) Direct boot method
The direct boot method allows you to launch Loadiine GX2 directly without passing through the Homebrew Launcher interface.

Select Loadiine GX2 instead of homebrew launcher from your favorite webhost exploit, or host and visit the Loadiine GX2's "www" folder on your own private server.
The "www" folder for self-hosting the direct boot method is available in the Loadiine release package (not in the homebrew launcher package).

Which advantage or differences?
With the Homebrew launcher method, you always visit the same URL to launch all your different homebrew. You don't need to memorize multiple URLs.
You can also launch all homebrew you want and return to the launcher without re-loading the exploit webpage (just reload miimaker to return to homebrew launcher). It's useful in case you have to run ftpiiU before loadiine if you need to update loadiine files on your SD card.

The direct boot method is more straightforward as you bypass the homebrew launcher screen, but you can't launch other homebrew. It's useful for parental control with kids who don't need to launch other homebrew.

In both cases, you need a way to load a webpage to patch the kernel and launch a homebrew, so you need a network connection or a local network server. There is no offline mode.

The homebrew launcher method is recommended.


:!: Auto-update is not implemented yet.
Download latest loadiine release manually.

Download and extract the latest loadiine release to your SD card:

Dumping your game to Loadiine format

Loadiine loads the game from the SD card.
You need to dump (copy/extract) your game's files from your disc or wiiU internal drive.
To do so, you need to use ddd homebrew.

Note: Wud and Wux file formats are not compatible.

Folder structure


The default game path is SD:/wiiu/games/
It can be changed by editing the loadiine_gx2.cfg file manually in a text editor.

The game folder format is:
WiiU Game's Title [TitleID6]/
Virtual console Game's Title [TitleID4]/
Example with the game "Super Mario Maker USA":
SD:/wiiu/games/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/

Attention: Loadiine GX2 v0.2 requires the game's title AND the TitleID (6 or 4 digits) to be present in the folder name.
The game's title is the one displayed in loadiine.
The TitleID is used to automatically download the corresponding cover from http://gametdb.com and load it from SD card.
If the titleID is not present, the game will not display in loadiine.
Since Loadiine GX2 v0.3, the titleID can be read directly from the meta.xml located in the meta folder. If you have the meta data, you don't need the TitleID in the folder, but it's recommended to still keep it, for compatibility reason.

The titleID6 can be found and generated by looking in the meta.xml, last 4 and last 2 digits form the TitleID6.
<product_code type="string" length="32">WUP-P-AYCP</product_code>
<company_code type="string" length="8">0001</company_code>

http://gametdb.com can also be used to find the TitleID6 or titleID4.

Inside your game's folder, copy the 3 game's extracted folders : content, code and meta folder.
You should now have this:
SD:/wiiu/games/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/code/
SD:/wiiu/games/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/content/
SD:/wiiu/games/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/meta/

Game update folder
Currently, loadiine doesn't use the update installed on the console (either from a normal update installed from disc or from WUP Installer).
If you want to update your game for loadiine, you need to install the update on your SD card.

Download the update with JNUSTool and copy the file into your game's folder on your SD card.
Merge and replace the three code, content, meta folders.

Loadiine version 0.3 allows you to keep your game's folder clean and install updates or mods in different folders.
It will also allow you to keep multiple updates or game mods and select the one you want to launch.
Create a folder named "updates" in your game's folder.
Create a new folder for each update version, for example:
mario kart 8 [AMKP01]/updates/v16/
mario kart 8 [AMKP01]/updates/v64/
and copy the corresponding code/content/meta folders inside.

The folder will look like this:

A new file named "filelist.txt" will be generated on first use of an update folder to list all the files to be replaced in real time while playing.
If you are modding your game and updating the files to be replaced, delete the "filelist.txt" file to force loadiine to re-generate it.

If you want to use a different savegame for your mod, or for each game updates (in case they are incompatible with each other), you can enable "extra save" setting in the individual game setting.
See the savegame section below.

Note: JNUSTool has been updated to download updates in their respective folders to match this required layout and to generate the "filelist.txt" file.
Just copy or move the downloaded folder into your "wiiu/games/game title [GameID]/updates/" folder on your SD card.


The default savegame path is SD:/wiiu/saves/
It can be changed by editing the loadiine_gx2.cfg file manually in a text editor.

Loadiine will automatically create the subfolder for each game. You don't need to create them.

Loadiine GX2 can use two different savegame mode : Shared or Unique.

Shared mode is the default mode for compatibility reason with old loadiine version. The user save will go into the "u" subfolder and the common save will go to "c" subfolder, like with loadiine v4.0
Unique mode is the natural mode used by the WiiU. Loadiine will save into a different folder for each Mii profile. (For example, a different saves for each wiifit player)

If you are new to loadiine, you should use Unique mode unless you have a good reason to share saves among all players.

:!: If you are an old loadiine user (v1.0 to 4.0), and want to use Unique mode now, you will have to update your folders names.

1. rename the "c" folder to "common"
2. rename the "u" folder to your uniqueID.

When using Unique mode, the user's subfolder is named "8xxxxxxx", where x starts at 1 and increments for every profile you created on the console.
To know your number, start a game using unique mode and exit. Then look on your SD card in the savegame path to find the newly created folder and this is your UniqueID tied to that account.
If you want to move your save from Shared mode to Unique mode, then move the content of the "u" folder to the "800000xx" one.

Here is a recap of possible folders:
Shared mode
SD:/wiiu/saves/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/c/ <-- save data shared with all users from the console.
SD:/wiiu/saves/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/u/ <-- save data specific to the user (This is your game progress), though all users share this folder too.

Unique mode
SD:/wiiu/saves/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/common/ <-- save data shared with all users from the console.
SD:/wiiu/saves/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/80000001/ <-- save data specific to the user (This is your game progress)

Extra save
Additionally to the two save mode, Loadiine v0.3 added a new mode which allows you to use an "extra save" for each update or mod of your game.
With this option you can create a new savefolder per update/game mod. So if you don't want to keep the save between your updates, or have a fancy game mod that requires a new savegame, simply enable the option. Leaving it disabled will simply use your normal save in either Shared or Unique mode, as explained above.
The extra save option is only available in the individual game setting window, before launching the game.

The XML files
A lot of games require the proper XML files to setup the memory correctly.
The app.xml and cos.xml files are located in the code folder.
If you don't have the files, please refer to the compatibility list on the Wiki to see how to get them.

You can also use JNUSTool to get the files from the update server (if the game has an update, no key is needed).

The settings file is automatically generated to this path:

Do not create that file manually, let loadiine do it on first launch.

Game Icons
The icons are used with the grid and circle design.

Icons are automatically generated by using the game's meta folder.
It contains the official game's background and icons.

Box Covers
The covers are used with the Cover Carousel design.

Loadiine GX2 uses the 3D cover for the carousel, not the 2D Cover version. But if you prefer the 2D version, you can download them and put the files in the covers3D folder.


3D Cover

The game box covers are located in a subfolder of the loadiine_gx2

Automatic download:
Loadiine can automatically download game covers from gametdb.com (added in v0.2 beta).
To download covers, you need the correct TitleID6 or TitleID4 in your game path.
Press "+" on the gamepad to start the cover download.
After the download is completed, go to loadiine settings and exit to refresh the view.

You can set the language you want to use for the covers in the loadiine_gx2.cfg file. Default is "EN".

Manual download:
You can manually download and copy the game covers on your SD card.
There are Full WiiU cover packs available, don't download them one by one if you have a lot of games.
Gametdb.net -> WiiU -> WiiU downloads -> Wii U Covers -> 3D covers -> click on a flag to download the covers in that corresponding language.

Note that only the English pack contains all the covers.
If you download the French pack, and a cover is not present in french, it will not include the English cover.
Download EN pack first, then your language and merge the pack to get full available covers.

Custom covers request:
You can request a custom game cover here:

Theme folder

Loadiine GX2 lets you replace the internal resources to theme the loader and replace the pictures or sound.
Just put the files you want to replace in the resources folder and it will be loaded in memory instead of the included resources.

A list of resources filename can be found on github data folder.

Note about the background sound:
If you place the BG sound into the resources folder, it will be loaded in memory at launch.
You can tell loadiine to stream a file from SD card instead of loading it into memory by editing the BgMusicPath option in loadiine_gx2.cfg file.
The compatible format are mp3, ogg and wav.
Example : BgMusicPath=SD:/sounds/my_own_bg_sound.mp3

Using Loadiine

Loadiine interface
Loadiine can be controlled either from the gamepad, or from other controllers (such as Classic Controllers or wiimote) from the TV.
The interface on the TV and the gamepad are independent, and can be setup in the settings.
You can quickly swap the TV<->Gamepad display by clicking the bottom right icon.

Other interfaces layout are available, you can change them from the Settings.

Launching a game
Once you are inside Loadiine, you can launch a game by double clicking on the game you want or press the A button.

The game will be launched by redirecting files access from one of the Launch mode:
SSB mode: You need Super Smash Bros for WiiU eSshop version installed or game disc version inserted in the console. It will redirect all Smash Bros access to SD card.
MiiMaker: It will use MiiMaker (which is also used by Loadiine GUI itself) to redirect all files access to SD card. This mode should be used by default, it prevents the annoying game disc spinning sound. But some games requires Disc mode (Mario kart 8 with updates, etc.)
KakaokeU: This mode requires you to download KaraokeU application from eShop if you don't have a console with this title pre-installed. Same as MiiMaker mode, it prevents disc spinning sound. There's no information about compatibility differences between this mode and Miimaker mode.
Art Atelier: This is the same as Smash Bros mode, except it's using the Art Atelier game. Same as KakaokeU mode, there's no known compatibility differences with SSB mode.

Loadiine will attempt to Auto-boot the game you selected by launching the corresponding "host" (Smash bros, Miimaker, KaraokeU or Art atelier).
But it can happen that the Auto-boot is not working, and in this case loadiine will exit to MiiMaker instead.
Just exit MiiMaker manually (from the Exit button in the bottom left corner of the gamepad) to go to WiiU menu, and launch the title you selected in the launch mode (SSB, Karaoke, Art, etc.)

For each selected mode, the console will pretend that you are currently playing this game. If you use SSB mode, the console will "see" you playing SSB, not your launched game.
This is not intentional, only a result of the way loadiine is working. As a consequence, the console will only connect to the selected mode's online features (SSB mode will try to use: SSB online network, SSB DLCs, SSB Miiverse, etc.)
Please, don't try online access from the games you are launching, it will not work.

Note that the eShop version of the Host game has different compatibility than the Disc version of the same game. For example, the eShop version of Smash Bros WiiU won't let you play any of the Wii Sports Club mini-games, while the Disc version of SSBU works fine.

Launching another game
While you are playing, if you want to launch another game, you don't need to re-run the browser exploit!
Loadiine is patched inside MiiMaker and will reload if you launch Miimaker again.

Game currently playing -> Press Home menu and exit to WiiU Menu -> Launch MiiMaker.

If you launched Loadiine from the Homebrew Launcher, You can exit loadiine to Homebrew launcher by pressing the Home button.


This section will explain the different settings used by loadiine.

Default settings
The default settings can change loadiine's appearance or the game's settings and will affect all the games the same way.

  • Game View Selection: Set the game selection interface individually on the TV and gamepad.
  • Background customizations: Set different visual option, such as particles effect or sound file.

Loader settings
Change the option affecting the loader's internal functions.
  • Customize games path: Set the folder where your games are located. No interface yet, need to be edited manually in the loadiine_gx2.cfg file.
  • Customize save path: Set the folder where your savegames are located. No interface yet, need to be edited manually in the loadiine_gx2.cfg file.
  • Save mode: the save mode can be switched from individual or shared. By default, it's set to shared (all profiles use the same savegame). Read the savegame section for more information.
  • Host IP: Set your computer's IP where loadiine should connect to. Used for logs server and TCPGecko.
  • View game settings: Lets you choose whether you want to display the individual game settings menu at game launch. You can set specific game's settings independently to the default loadiine's settings. You can hide that menu once you individual game settings are set like you want.

Game settings
  • Launch mode: This setting is explained in the above section (launching game).
  • Log server: Enable sending file access logs to the server for debugging purpose. Do not enable it if you don't launch the server on your computer, it will slow the game's launch. Having this option enabled will also slow down the game's load speed. Keep it disabled by default.
  • PyGecko: Enable cheat engine. You need to launch TCPGecko on your computer. You also need to set the computer's IP manually in the config file as it's currently not set from the GUI. see the cheat section for more help.
  • Padcon: Enable the "R3" button patch to switch the gamepage display ON/OFF. the touchscreen still work, only the display is disabled to save the battery when the display is not needed.
  • Hid-to-VPAD: Patches the controller's input functions to replace or remap the WiiU gamepad controller's input. This allows you to remap actions to different buttons (A->B), and play WiiU games with Gamecube adapter, Playstation DS3 or DS4 controller, mouse, keyboard or other HID adapter or controllers. read the controller patcher section below for more information.

Individual game settings
Individual game settings are useful if you want to set a different setting for only one game, and retain the normal settings for your other games.
For example, some games might need "SSB mode" (Mario kart 8), but you want to keep all your other games set to "MiiMaker mode".
Set the global settings in the main setting menu first, then Allow the display of the "individual game settings at launch". Launch the game you want to set a specific setting and a new menu will appear, allowing you to set the settings for this game only.
Launch the game to save the settings. on next Loadiine launch, it will remember the settings you set for this game, you can hide the individual game settings menu from the main loadiine settings if you want.

All the options have the same effect than the one explained above, except that it affects only the selected game.
This section will only detail the additional options available in the individual game settings window:
  • Update folder: Here you can see a list of all updates/gamemods you have in your "updates" game's sub-folder (Looks like something like this: http://puu.sh/oy21h/d4fefaf6b1.jpg). Simply choose the cone you want to apply.
  • Extra save: With this option you can create a new savefolder for this update/game mod. So if you don't want to keep the save between your updates, or have a fancy game mod that requires a new savegame, simply enable the option. Leaving it disabled will simply use your normal save, it should be good for most people.

:!: To display this menu you need to enable the "View game settings" from the loader's settings menu.
Once you set your games settings correctly, you can put the option back to disabled, the individual settings will remain active even if the window is not displayed at launch.

DLC - Download Content

Only the DLC already purchased and installed on your console can be used with loadiine.

To use your unlocked DLC, you still need to dump them with ddd and copy the folder on your SD card.

1. Use ddd to dump your /aoc/ folder.
2. Put the folder "aoc0005000cXXXXXXXX" to the game's folder on the SD card where the "content", "code" and "meta" folders are.
3. In loadiine, enable the DLC option in the Game Setting Window.

4. You will have to launch the game using a "boot method" compatible with DLC. For example "Smash Bros" mode is working with DLCs, but MiiMaker doesn't have any official DLC so the IOS will not enable the DLC rights with that launch mode.

Note 1:
You can't share your DLC/AOC folder with someone who didn't bought and unlocked it officially.
Loadiine can't unlock DLC for you. The WiiU needs to unlock it first.

Note 2:
You NEED the retail disc or retail eShop games to install a DLC on your console.
If you buy a DLC but don't own the game, it will stay in the download manager queue. Launching the game with loadiine does not trigger the DLC installation.
You'll only give your money to Nintendo/publishers but won't be able to enjoy it. Well, if you want to help the publishers, that's your call...

Game controller's patcher

Maschell developed a patcher to replace the WiiU Gamepad (and soon other controllers will be supported, like the Classic Pro Controller) with different controllers such as Gamecube controller, Playstation DS3 or DS4, Mouse and keyboard or any HID controller.
This patcher is now integrated into Loadiine v0.3 and can be enabled in the settings.

The patcher can also be used to remap the buttons (A->Y, Y->B, etc)

To enable the controller patching feature, enable the "Hid-to-VPAD" option in Loadiine's settings.

By default, the patcher is already compatible with Gamecube, DS3 and DS4 controller without any config file. If you want button remapping or add new controller support, you will have to create a controller.ini file with button definition.
To learn how to create a controller.ini file, read the official controller-patcher thread.
Note that this function is still a work in progress and new features will be added regularly. All bugs related to this feature have to be reported in the correct thread, not in loadiine thread.

Loadiine GX2 can now be used with TCPGecko. (you need latest compiled release, not the official v0.2)

There's currently no individual setting or graphical interface to set this option directly inside loadiine settings menu.
To enable TCPGecko, you need to edit the loadiine_gx2.cfg file manually in your favorite text editor, and set:

All games will have PyGecko/TCPGecko enabled at launch.
Some games might require you to also enable TCP server logging (for example: Zelda Twilight Princess).

You can now first launch your game and then launch your preferred Gecko program on your computer to play with the game's memory in real time.

:!: Note:
Only TCPgecko or PyGecko real-time interface is working, it doesn't install the (Work in progress) PPC Code Handler in memory.
All your cheats won't be permanent and will need to be poked manually while playing.
The PPC code handler can currently be used only with retail game discs as it uses a different kernel exploit and installs in a memory location already used by loadiine and would overwrite it.

what is PPC Code Handler?

The PPC code handler installs your cheatcode list inside the console and force the game to patch these cheats on every cycle.
It runs cheatcodes in loop directly from the console instead of poking codes manually from your computer.
It allows you to fix game values, like Infinite HP, max Amo, etc.

It's unknown if the code handler will be working with loadiine in the future.

Debug method

Loadiine can log activity to find issues and help the developers fix them.

There are two different logging methods: TCP and UDP.

TCP server:
The Loadiine TCP server is used to track the list of files accessed by the games in real time.
To enable this server, go to the settings > game > log server.
You can specify the log server's IP in loadiine settings > game > server IP.

Note: If the log server option is enabled but you didn't launch the server on your computer, game launching will be delayed by few seconds until the connection times out.

UDP server:
The Loadiine UDP debug server is used to tracks debug messages from loadiineGX (not from the game).
It displays loadiine user's option and game's settings before launching a game. It's used to verify if loadiine is setting the correction memory region, game path, save path, etc.

There's no internal option to set the UDP server's IP. You can add the "DebugLoggerIP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" option in the loadiine_gx2.cfg file to set your computer's IP.
The UDP server is always enabled and sending data to the server. It doesn't slow down the game launching process.


To compile loadiine you need to install DevkitPro.
You also need to download additional libraries from github/release tab to add to your devkitpro install folder.
After replacing libogc and portlibs folder, you can now go to your project folder to compile loadiine.

Open a command line window (you don't need Cygwin!)
Browse to your project, and type "make".

If you want to build the SD version, edit the makefile located in the installer folder to uncomment the 2 SD lines:

:!: Attention : This will only compile the elf.
Sometime, you will also need to re-compile the exploit html files.
To do this, you will need libwiiu.
You can follow the tutorial on the second post of this thread.


Does it work with WiiU v5.5.x ?
Yes. The Kernel exploit for 5.5.x is now available.

Can I play online?
Loadiine is currently not working online, it's offline mode only.
Don't ask WHEN it will work. You'll know when it will work.

Can I still go online with my official game discs?
Of course your official games will continue working like they are meant to. You won't be banned if you use official game disc or eshop applications.

How do I return to Loadiine after launching a game?
You don't need to re-launch the exploit from the browser.
Loadiine is now installed inside MiiMaker, just run MiiMaker to launch Loadiine.

- to reload loadiine launch miimaker.
- to return to Homebrew launcher (after installing loadiine) launch miimaker to load loadiine and exit loadiine with Home button to exit to HBL.

How do I unload the exploit from my WiiU?
The exploit is only in memory, nothing is installed permanently.
To remove the exploit from the memory, go to the Settings, or shutdown the console.
Going to the settings by accident will need you to re-launch the exploit if you want to continue using loadiine!

Is Loadiine region free? Can I play games from another region?
Some games are identical for all region and will work without edition.
Some games will require file edition, or filename renaming to work on another region.
Not all games will work from other region, based on the difficulty to edit the region-specific files.

The console freeze or crash when I load the exploit or Loadiine webpage
Delete your browser cache data and cookies. (Attention, deleting data will delete all your bookmarks too!)
Go to the system settings (or reboot the console).
Or just try again until it works.

You can also try to unplug the power cord instead of keeping the power button pressed to shutdown the console. Sometime it has better results.

Can loadiine load wud/wux files?
Only the extracted format is compatible.

I don't see any games in loadiine
Be sure your SD card is formated to FAT32.
ExFAT format will NOT work.

Where do I find the TitleID to put on the folder name?
Loadiine 0.3 works without the titleID as long as you have the meta folder and its files. But it's always best to put the titleID in the folder for compatibility and loading speed reason.

The 6 digits TitleID is composed of two different element : The 4 digits TitleID and the 2 digits publisherID.
You can find the full ID6 on gametdb.com
The titleID can also be found and generated by looking in the meta.xml, last 4 and last 2 digits form the TitleID6.
<product_code type="string" length="32">WUP-P-AYCP</product_code>
<company_code type="string" length="8">0001</company_code>

There's also a bat file (here) which you can run to automatically rename your folders.

How do I display icon and covers for virtual consoles?
1. rename the game folder to match the "title [ID4]" format.
2. in "ID4" brackets, either use the official TitleID4 for that Virtual console game, or create a 4 or 6 digits unique TitleID, for example [VC0001]
3. create an icon, save it in targa format named iconTex.tga, create a meta folder and put it inside.
4. create a background image in png format named after the chosen titleID4 or TitleID6 (VC0001.png) and put it inside wiiu/apps/loadiine_gx2/covers3d/ folder.

Please read this guide for more information : https://gbatemp.net/posts/6053586/

I still don't know the TitleID4 or ID6 !
If you don't know the titleID but have the meta folder, you don't need to add it.
If you don't know the titleID, don't have the meta and don't care about the game cover, you can use a random TitleID6, or just use [XXXXXX]
If you want the official TitleID4, you can search on gametdb.com or other websites.
The TitleID allows loadiine to download the corresponding cover from gametdb website, so it's where you should check or add the official covers to if it's missing.

Where can I get icon and covers for Virtual console games?
Covers can be found on gametdb.com
Not all covers are available yet and you are encouraged to submit your own custom covers.

Icons are not part of Gametdb and you need to share them with other users.
MattKimura made some for N64 here: https://gbatemp.net/posts/6053843

How to host loadiine GX2 on a local webserver?
There's a tutorial on the "ultimate wiiu guide" stiky thread.
You need a webhost with PHP enabled!

Do I need Super Smash Bros for WiiU?
Most game should work fine when launched using MiiMaker mode.
Few games will need either the SSB original game disc or eShop version to launch or unlock content (mini-games, DLCs, etc.).
You can check the compatibility list on wiki.

Does it load games from USB?
No. Only SD card.

Can I use any name for the SD card?
You can't name it "wiiu". All other names are fine.

My games are displayed but not working - 1st solution (Should be fixed now)
If you are using a Mac, you need to delete the hidden data (the file or folder starting with "._" prefix. example)
You can delete them manually or use a program like "hidden cleaner".

My games are displayed but not working - 2nd solution
Be sure you disabled the Loadiine server in the game option.
Some games don't like the server being enabled (Zelda WindWaker HD for example).
Enable the server only if you need to (to help developers or find how to convert a game's region to another).

My games are displayed but not working - 3rd solution
Be sure the folder name doesn't have any accent (for example, rename Pokkén to Pokken).

My custom sound file doesn't work and crashes the loader (Fixed ?)
VBR (variable bit rate) doesn't work with 5.3.2
recompile your sound file to CBR (constant bit rate).

Mario kart 8 freeze when exiting to WiiU menu
It's a known issue, don't report it again and again.
Just check the compatibility list on wiki first before reporting game issues !

Mario kart 8 freeze when loading from MiiMaker if the game has an update
Really ? Just check the compatibility list on wiki first before reporting game issues !

Can I use game updates installed on the console with loadiine?
It's currently not loading the updates located on the console.
Use JNUSTool to download your update files from Nintendo's servers.
You need to put the update files on your SD card. Read the game update section in the tutorial to learn how it works.

Can I use game DLC installed on the console with loadiine?
Yes and no.
It's currently not loading the DLC located on the console, but the game needs it to know if it's unlocked or not.
You have to dump your (official, bought and unlocked) DLC data, place them on SD card and enable the DLC option in loadiine.
Read the Download Content section for more information.

Can I use retail game save with loadiine and vice versa?
Yes, you can extract savegame from your console to loadiine's format using Saviine.
You can inject back a Loadiine savegame into your console with saviine too.

Can I share savegames with someone else?
The saves are not encrypted with a private key. You can share the savegames with other players.
Be sure not to share savegames containing online or account informations.

there's a sharing thread here : https://gbatemp.net/threads/loadiine-save-file-sharing-thread.414878/

Is it possible to load eShop Wii games?
The Wii games are run in Wii mode (not WiiU) and reloading to Wii mode removes the exploit and unload loadiine from the memory.

When will xxxx feature be added, when will the new version be released?
*Grab his crystal ball*
When it's done, I guess?

What are the music used in Loadiine?
Main menu : house synth loop.
Credit : this music from Orion release group.
Both musics have been edited for the loader.


v0.3 beta - nightly (no fixed release version yet)
* Added PyGecko setting (Dimok)
* Added Boot Argument support, fixing Call of duty and just dance games (N1ghty)
* PadCon Setting (Dibas)
* Added loading of rpl imports (N1ghty)
* Improved the OSDriver Kernel stability, for direct-SD launching method (Dimok)
* Added WiiU v5.5.0/1 kernel patching offsets, in prevision of the future public kernel exploit release. (NWPlayer123)
* Added languages support. (French, Chinese, German, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian)
* Updated the browser exploit for the SD autoboot method to automatically launch Loadiine on success, instead of reloading the browser waiting for a second exploit launch.
* Fix hang on exit when still loading images during exit
* several changes/fixes in carousel view.
on game count > 14 the carousel is now an endless circle, on less or equal its a limited part circle.
* Added gui settings for padcon and pygecko
* Added WiiU v4.0.0, 4.0.2, 4.0.3 support (andriy921)
* Fixed sound issue in 4.x and 5.x (andriy921)
* Added new Gui Elements (GuiToggle,GuiSwitch,GuiCheckBox,GuiSelectBox) (Maschell)
* Added individual game settings functions (Maschell)
* Added individual game settings GUI menu (Maschell)
* Added ability to load a game's update from a different folder than the game's content (Maschell)
* Added an option to use a different savegame per game update's folder (Maschell)
* Added a setting to enable HID-to-VPAD patch. (Maschell)
* Added preliminary WiiU v3.x.x support (Work in progress) (Toscanelli, Dimok, Fix94)
* Updated the kernel exploit to use gx2sploit instead of OSDriver for WiiU >= 5.3.2
* Updated the 5.5.x exploit to launch loadiine on first successful patch.
* Added a setting whether to display the individual game settings at launch (Mr. Bananas)
* Added a setting whether to display the particule effect in the background (Mr. Bananas)
* Added a menu to select sound file to be played in background (Mr. Bananas)
* Added support for TitleID of 4 digit length (dimok)
* Added purchased DLC support (Dimok, Maschell)
* Added DLC option in individual game setting (Dimok)
* Fixed Auto-boot with SSB mode (Dimok)
* Added TitleID reading from the meta.xml if not present in the game's folder (drizzt)
* Added Controller Patcher feature (Maschell)

Mods/forks/branches from other users :
Might be merged to the official version
* Improved interface, text, button, etc. (MasQchips)
* Added language GUI button (MasQchips)

Not officially supported, will not be part of the main release
* Non legit DLC support (MasQchips)

v0.2 public beta (2016-03-03)
* Added network functions
* Added file download functions
* Added game cover download from gametdb.com (press +)
* Added setting for covers3d path and region code (default EN, edit manually in cfg)
* Added a progress window GUI
* Fixed splatoon
* Added Karaoke and Art Atelier launching methods
* Added D-pad control support (Maschell)
* Added Wiimote, classic, classic pro, and WiiuPro controller support
* Added VPAD Left stick as alternative menu navigation (LittleBalup)
* Added game's title display on grid view (LittleBalup)
* Fixed few game selection and interface behavior (LittleBalup)
* Updated Loadiine to be launched from Homebrew Launcher (Online launching method can't be used anymore)
* Added support for 5.0.0 and 5.1.0 (Z0mb3)
* Added game index restoration when returning to main menu and on next loadiine launch (FunThomas)

v0.1 public beta (2016-02-06)
* First release.
* Based on Loadiine 4.0
* Added a Graphical User Interface using the WiiU GX2 engine.
* Added sound support.
* Added TV display support.
* Added touchscreen support.
* Multiple interface design available (icon carousel (circle), Grid, Cover Carousel). They can be swapped and selected independently for TV or gamepad in the settings.
* Added easy support for different WiiU versions. (Requires function's addresses for each wiiu versions. Only 5.3.2 and 5.4.0 are supported in this release)
* Added support to edit default game path and save path.
* Added support for Save mode (Shared or Unique)
* Added support for theme/resources replacement.

Mods/forks/branches added features lost in time:
* Automatic game launch at loadiine start - Done (Scuba156)


Dimok doesn't accept donation for this project.

There are other developers who worked on Loadiine. You might want to give to them too (if they agree). You can find who did what by looking at the changelog above if you want to donate for a specific improvement instead of general WiiU homebrew development.

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Oct 27, 2002
Engine room, learning
Reserved for additional tutorials.

Getting Loadiine GX2 sources from gitHub

The sources located on github are using dynamic project hosting, which means that instead of hosting all the needed files on loadiine repository, Loadiine is dynamically linking and downloading files from other projects which can be updated independently.
these dynamic projects are the "dynamic libraries for WiiU homebrew" and "Controller patcher".

You can get the full Loadiine sources using two different methods:

1) Manual method:

If you download the zip package manually from Loadiine, it will not include the dynamic project's files.
You'll have to browser the dynamic projects, download their zip package manually and extract them to Loadiine's sources.

  • go to https://github.com/dimok789/loadiine_gx2
  • click on "Download zip" green button to the top-right of the file list area to get loadiine sources.
  • go to "src" folder, you will see 2 dynamic folders : "controller_patcher @ 35d6036" and "dynamic_libs @ aecfb5a" (not that the @revision can change if it get updated)
  • click on the first folder (controller patcher), it will load the corresponding git repository version used by the current loadiine revision.
  • click on "Download zip" green button to the top-right of the file list area to get this dynamically linked sources.
  • do the same with any other dynamic projects.

  • Extract Loadiine sources, you will get "loadiine_gx2-master" folder.
    Rename the folder and remove "-master".
  • go to "src/dynamic_libs" folder, and extract the dynamic_libs zip content inside (do not keep the "dynamic_libs-aecfb5a1e8bfaee9fd34ba361123e0ddfdfebca8" folder, only the sources files)
  • do the same with other dynamic projects sources.

2) Git command method

If you have a git program installed, it's easier to download and update the sources using a command line.
If you are on windows, install GitforWindows. Additionally, you could install TortoiseGit if you want explorer integration tools but it's not necessary.

  • Browse to the folder where you want your Loadiine sources to be created and open a command line window.
  • type this command:
    git clone https://github.com/dimok789/loadiine_gx2.git --recursive
If you already have a Loadiine sources and want to update loadiine or its dynamic projects
  • Browse to the folder where you want your Loadiine sources to be updated and open a command line window.
  • type this command:
    git pull && git submodule update --init

All the loadiine and its dependencies will be download and/or updated in one step.
Note that you need to use the command line, and GUI tools don't seem to have the ability to edit the default command line for one project. At least with TortoiseGit or GitForWindows.

Full compiling tutorial (elf and exploit webserver pages)

Thanks to @crmnl for the guide.

New builds from today that I compiled and a small guide for compiling are up on gx2.wiiubrew.net - Thanks to Luigi for his help with this! I don't profess to know a lot about coding/compiling but I wanted the new build and just worked at it. Sorry if there is any obvious incorrect wording in the compiling guide I just outlined what worked for me.

This is obviously only for 5.3.2

1. Need devkitpro 1.6.0 is fine
2. Need dimoks libogc and portlibs in devkitpro root directory (release tab of github)
3. Put loadiine source inside a folder called loadiine in the root of libwiiu source -
this is needed to get code532.bin in installer folder to make
4. Run make in root of loadiine source
5. Run make in installer folder
6. Copy code532.bin over to libwiiu framework folder
7. Run make in framework folder
8. Run generate_html.py code532.bin 532 x - this is generate_html.py code.bin version folder
this will make the payload index and frame html's that are updated for current loadiine in that folder
9. Copy contents of www folder from loadiine source to webserver
10. Overwrite payload/index/frame with new ones from framework folder
11. Overwrite code532.bin with new one from loadiine installer
12. Overwrite loadiine.elf with new one from loadiine root

converting Game folder structure for the old Loadiine 0.1a format to new Loadiine format

This tutorial is used to convert the old "loadiine ready" format, which use _RPX, and _SAV folders, to the new format.
it's the first loadiine format (1.0a), on loadiine 2.0 the folder layout changed.
loadiine GX2 is continuation of loadiine 4.0

For people who are not aware, here is the version history order:
Loadiine v0.1a > v2.0 > v3.0 > v4.0 > Loadiine GX2 v0.1, GX2 v0.2, etc.

loadiine 0.1a used this format :

ID4 = the 4 letters were used to differentiate each game. (no real meaning, you could choose whichever 4 letters you wanted)
the sd:/_RPX/gameName/ contains the executable, it's the new /code/ folder
the sd:/_SAV/ is the place where savegames where stored.
the sd:/ID4/ contains the game's data, it's the new /content/ folder

rename the "GameName" located INSIDE _RPX to "code"
rename the "4 letters folder" the one NOT inside _RPX to "content"
Create a new folder in your /wiiu/games/ folder with the game's title and the ID6 (example Mario kart [ID6 of mario kart])
put the code and content folders inside.
I don't know if you need to rename back the RPX file, I think it should work even if not renamed.

You will miss the meta folder, because it wasn't used on first version of loadiine. (even if I told everyone to keep that folder, lot of users thought it was a good idea to delete it)
check on JNUSTool if there's an update for that game, and select "get meta".
If there's no update for that game, check the wiki compatibility list for alternative methods to get the meta and XML files.

You don't need the _SAV folder at all, version 1.0a didn't create it and users had to do it manually, it's not needed anymore. loadiine will create the savegame folder automatically if required.
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2) SD homebrew loader method
The homebrew loader method allows you to list and launch homebrew located on your SD card.

Download the SD homebrew loader : xxxxxx (link will be added later)

The SD homebrew loader will launch loadiine from:
This part really interests me.
Is there anyway to launch .ELF files at the moment in a Wii U?
Are you referring to Fix94's ELF loader or is it something else?

Deleted User

This SO tempts me to buy another (lower FW) Wii U, it's unbelievable!
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One link for both kexploit and Loadiine and also for both 5.3.2 and 5.4.0.... REALLY Amazing work Dimok !! really cool.

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