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Jul 10, 2007
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Ok, I'm looking at a 1GB MicroSD from Patriot, and in the comments someine said it can play PoR flawlessly on his R4. Before I buy it, I would like some of your your opinions, because I coukld get a cheaper 1GB, but I'd buy this if it could do PoR. I'll post the webpage, and also the specs in the description.


QUOTE said:
Brand PatriotÂ
Type MicroSDÂ
Tech Spec
Capacity 1GBÂ
Speed Read Speed up to 9MB/s (up to 60X)Â
Features Extremely portable & slim design
Low power consumption
Reliable Data Retention
Meets SD Association specifications
Compatible with all mobile devices with microSD or TransFlash Slot

Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limitedÂ
Labor 1 year limitedÂ

O, and this was that guy's comment:
QUOTER4 works

Pros: Works fine with Castlevania:PoR in the R4. Only complaint is slight lag when opening doors in Metroid Prime Hunters.

Cons: Quite easy to lose, being so tiny.

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