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    The Absolute freak'n MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.
    May I ask how haxchi works if all apps are checked at boot?
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    haxchi is a content app that is why it requires an officially legit owned ds vc title, basically we change the content and save file but its a legit app with legit certificate thats how it works.
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    I explained it somewhere, but I don't want to search -o-

    All titles on WiiU have 3 folders :
    /code/ <-- contains the executable, signed and verified.
    /content/ <-- contains addtional files (settings, binary). unsigned, not verified
    /meta/ <-- contains title info (game's title in every language, icon, background image when launching the title, etc.), unsigned, unchecked.

    if you create a program, and replace it in /code/ you can't launch it without signature check function patched. for example, HBL channel has the "hbl homebrew" executed, it's not signed and need CFW to be launched.

    Haxchi is a NDS modified game with some additional function added to it:
    /code/ <-- contain the NDS emulator
    /content/ <-- NDS's (the game binary loaded by the emulator)
    /meta/ (pictures)

    Haxchi doesn't replace the emulator, but the NDS's game's ROM.
    It's exploiting a vulnerability in the (unedited, still good signed) emulator, by loading a corrupted it crashes and execute haxchi's code location in the ROM instead of playing the ROM original game.

    if you install haxchi in a pirated (WUPinstalled) NDS game, content in /code/ is not good signed and need CFW to launch, so it can't be used by haxchi.
    you need cfw to launch haxchi to patch the console's signature check that you already have; that's useless.

    if you set this NDS game as autoboot (with CBHC), you can launch it only if it's good signed, or else the emulator won't launch, and the console won't boot.
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    Can you help me change the bootMovie.h264 to a custom one? I already have a custom loadiine-GX Boot/splash screen with custom bootSound.btsnd that has a custom sound i created. :)
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    Could someone made this custom Loadiine-GX forwarder work with the latest release of loadiine-GX, please?
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    Oct 11, 2018
    Can I delete the following folders from /wiiu/apps/ after I've installed CBHC?

    I've installed the homebrew launcher channel, can I then delete /wiiu/apps/homebrew_launcher?
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    Does this work for 5.5.3?
    When I try to use it I get FSGetMountSource failed error every time I boot into it, it's worked about 2 times for me
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    FSGetMountSourceFailed happens when the Homebrew Launcher isn't found, whether it be because it's not on the SD card or the Wii U isnt recognizing it, I'm not sure.
    try taking out the sd card then plugging it back in as I know from experience older wii u's tend to have more unstable slots. if that doesn't work, blow out the slot with some air since that could be another issue.
    since it's worked already for you a few times, it can be safe to assume that you have the file on your sd, and that the sd you have is not corrupted yet.
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