Homebrew Has got Alot More Affordable Over the Years

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    Jul 11, 2005
    So the other day the hinge on my NDS lite broke. Anyone else have their DS break like that? Right were the metal hinge part of screen goes into the little plastic hinges. I suppose after a few years use, that's a pretty good amount of time to get out of it. I superglued it and it seems to be holding fine but the writing is on the wall I need to switch to a NDSi. So I ordered a SuperCard DSONEi and got to looking at my order history.

    In 2005 I spent 90 bucks (prices include shipping) on a EFA-Linker 256M Flash Set. And then just half a year later a M3/G6 Passkey 2 and Super Card SD Combo cost me just over 100 bucks. 45 bucks for a Superkey another 6 mos later in 2006 and now finally when I have to say goodbye to my trusty Slot 2 SC-SD here in 2009 I'm looking at less than 40 bucks.

    The prices will probably continue to decline even, just as the SD memory has with new devices to come, but the price of systems and games seem to keep going up! It's no wonder homebrew has become so popular and widespread!