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    MAY have been asked before.

    after downloading my apocalypse DLC i went to the saves area from the wii menu and saw that there are 2 different saves for gh:wt.

    one is the actual game save and the other says 'GH world tour songs'

    i saved all the songs i downloaded to my SD card so i think this is the data that says which songs have been bought from the music store. so because of the bricking possibilities that could arise on my wii i copied it to the SD card too and it said 'you cannot add this save to any other wii' (something like that anyways)

    so my thought is that if you can extract that GH world tour songs save and then install it on another wii using the save extractor/ installer then maybe you'd be allowed to download the songs for free from the music store on the other wii?

    also, has anyone actually come up with any way to get free DLC by editing this save file yet? just a few thoughts [​IMG]


    and sorry about the questions i was askin last night, i was pretty drunk ha ha reading through the stuff this morning seemed so much clearer and easier lol