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    So I currently have an M3 simply. I'm selling it to a friend for $60 with my 2 Gig. Micro SD Card, so price isn't much of a problem for me.

    Anyways, I've been reading reviews, lurking the forums, etc. and have come up with 3 cards that interest me the most (M3 Real, Cyclo DS, and the AceKard RPG), along with a criteria of what I want.

    + = A major factor
    * = A minor factor
    - = A factor of little importance)

    + GBA Support
    Even though I have a gameboy advance, I never really got any good games. Neither of the advance wars, no imports, etc. Quite possibly the most important reason for me wanting to upgrade. Unfortunately, I can't really tell which card has best GBA support. Native support isn't a must, but I would like GBA support to be as simple as possible. (I've heard of patching for the Cyclo and AceKard for using the Ezflash 3-in-1, and some weird saving system. Can anyone give me details on this?)
    + SDHC compatibility
    Something that I'm really looking forward to. If any of the cards have major issues with reading/speed, I'd be much appreciated information, but from what I can tell all three are fine.
    + Game Compatibility
    I mainly use my DS for games, and emulators. Whichever system/combo, (Such as Cyclo w/ Ezflash 3-in-1) provides best compatibility is a huge factor as well. (Little crashes as possible)
    * Card Build
    The size of the flash card isn't too much of a big deal for me. The build is though. Is it so bulky that it may break from being removed from the system? Can it break if dropped? (I'm very clumsy)
    * Support team
    I'm normally pretty patient if I have to wait for an update, but a support team would be very nice.
    * Cheat System
    Not the biggest deal, but a nice feature. I really would like anything that can use the cheat.dat I have on my M3Simply. Also, if there are any other noteworthy features that the cards have, (Other than real time saving, and slow-mo) please mention them.
    * .sav support
    It'd be great if all my old save files could be natively transferred. If not, the card needs to at least be able to convert my old saves, or else it is out of the question.
    *DS to Wii compatibility
    Would be a great feature, but if it just can't play PBR, it's no big deal.
    - Price
    Not a big deal at all. I'm willing to buy expansion packs too, but I don't want to spend over $130. (My mem. card is $30)

    Any suggestions/information is much appreciated.
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    I would suggest an EZ Flash V 3 in 1 Expansion Pack, I own that combo, and while I don't personally use one of them, there are several custom loaders which incorporate 3 in 1 support.

    The only real SDHC compatibility issue with the RPG is using Sandisk cards, I have a mate who has a 4GB Adata Class 6 card, and it works great for him

    Compatibility is no issue, because even if you have a slower SD card, there is also the 1GB of internal memory.

    The card build is great, plus it looks cool, with its backwards sticker and all.

    Since it has an open source loader, it has the biggest support team out of all the other cards.

    The cheat system works, although it is pretty shit, you have to edit text files containing the codes. Noteworthy features? Dual memory options, and an open source loader.

    Your saves will be fine, you just need the Acekard to set the save type first.

    It cant connect to PBR, but it works fine with Geometry Wars.

    You can get an RPG and an Expansion Pack for $114 AU, plus shipping.

    Edit: is the best place to get an RPG, and thats where the price is from.
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    Cyclo DS.
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    Oct 27, 2007
    I'd take a cyclo with a 3 in 1 combo. That'll be under $85, and cyclo has the best support, SDHC supported, very fast loading, perfect download play and game compatibility. It's about as easy as using a R4. The card build is very good I've heard, and has Wii to DS connection.

    I'd like to recommend M3 real for GBA games, but I've heard lots of people lately have been bricking their DSs' when it's in use. it happened to about 4 people, so it's unlikely that it'll happen though.