GBAtemp's backer raffle #2


And the winners are... click here to find out!

UPDATE: The drawing will take place live on Twitch on Saturday 9th of December at 3AM UTC ( what is UTC? )

Here it comes: the second quarterly backer raffle! So what's up for grabs this time? Read the thread to find out!

First of all, Patreon backers are eligible to win a prize in the raffle if they subscribed before the 1st of November and their payment was processed correctly. If you're eligible, you'll be automatically entered, you don't even need to post in this thread! (Of course, if you wish to leave others more chance to win by forfeiting your own entry, feel free to let us know here.)

If you aren't a Patreon backer, or if you subscribed after the 1st of November, worry not: you will soon be able to enjoy our Tempmas festivities, these will be open to everyone and they're going to kick ass this year!

So the grand prize for this 2nd raffle is:

1) A brand new New Nintendo 2DS XL console!


And the secondary prizes are:
2) 1x $25 Amazon gift card
3) 1x $25 Amazon gift card
4) 1x $25 Amazon gift card
5) 1x $25 Amazon gift card

The winners will be designated on a live Twitch stream like last time, the link will be available right here in this thread as it goes live (date and time of the event will be given 24 hours early).

In the name of the GBAtemp staff, thank you so much for your support everyone, whether you back us on Patreon or not!

:arrow: Previous Raffle
:arrow: Check out our Patreon page
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May 31, 2016

Good luck to everyone and remember to have ready an NTRBoot-compatible flashcart for the N2DSXL!
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