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GBAtemp 20th Anniversary giveaway - WEEK THREE - Win an Analogue Pocket - 24hrs remain!


As we approach GBAtemp's 20th birthday which falls on the 22nd October we have partnered with some amazing sponsors to bring you GBAtemp's biggest ever giveaway with almost $2,000 worth of prizes to win!

This is the third of 4 giveaways being held each week throughout October - leading up to a grand prize raffle on October 31st where you have the chance to win the grand prize of a Nintendo Switch OLED and game of your choice!

The giveaways are open to all registered members worldwide! (Don't have an account? Sign up here for free)

Week Three - NOW ACTIVE!​

October 17th - 23rd​

Our good friends at Analogue have joined us for week three. Analogue make products to celebrate and explore the history of video games with the respect it deserves and have recently launched the incredible OpenFPGA platform; the first purpose built, FPGA driven hardware and ecosystem designed for 3rd party development of video game hardware.

Analogue are graciously giving away their latest and sought-after product - the incredible Analogue Pocket that is capable of playing a range of retro gaming consoles via hardware emulation (check out our review for in in-depth look!).

Sponsored by

  1. First place prize - Analogue Pocket
  2. Second place prize - $50 USD (or equivalent Amazon Gift card)
  3. Third place prize - $25 USD (or equivalent Amazon Gift card)
  4. Fourth place prize - $10 USD (or equivalent Amazon Gift card)
:arrow: Analogue

How to Enter Entry is easy and free!

To enter this weeks giveaway - all you need to do is post a reply below! It's as simple as that!

All registered members are welcome to enter for free! One entry per giveaway - duplicate accounts will be detected and all related accounts will be disqualified.

Post in this and the next upcoming giveaways for up to 4 entries into the final grand prize raffle on October 31st - GBAtemp patrons get a bonus entry for a maximum of 5!

Results for all giveaways will be drawn on October 31st!

Good luck!

This weeks giveaway will close at 8am October 24th 2022.

GBAtemp's 20th Anniversary giveaway details​


Week Four
October 24th - 30th​

Sponsored by

For the final giveaway we are working with the talented JayBoyModz - a professional modder who specialises in custom Game Boy's and controllers of all types. JayBoyModz have been providing custom built products of the highest quality for years - our Chief Editor @Chary reviewed a custom, purpose-built GBA back in 2019 - check out her full review here.

The lucky winner of the fourth giveaway will have the incredible opportunity to receive their own custom-built, fully-specced and blinged-out Game Boy (GB,GBC,GBA etc.) made to their liking up to a value of $300 USD! An incredible opportunity and a rather apt prize as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of GBAtemp!


If that's not enough, runners-up will have the chance to win Amazon gift cards with the usual $50, $25 and $10 values and a BONUS $100 (USD/equivalent) card available in week four!

:arrow: JayBoyModz

Grand Prize Raffle
October 31st​


Our celebration month will conclude on October 31st with a grand prize raffle with the opportunity to win a Nintendo Switch OLED and game bundle!

Fancy a shot at winning the grand prize? Entry into the raffle is simple! To enter all you have to do is to have participated in any prior weeks giveaway!

But that's not all! You can get up to FOUR entries to the grand prize raffle for an increased chance of winning by posting in each prior weeks giveaways. The more giveways you enter - the higher your chance of winning the grand prize raffle!

Week Three sponsored by Analogue is NOW OPEN!

We're incredibly excited and proud to be celebrating the month of October with you as we approach's 20th birthday! We'll have more to share with you regarding our birthday on October 22nd but in the mean time we sincerely hope you are enjoying our giveaways and raffle and wish you the best of luck!

A massive thank you to our sponsors - 8BitDo, DroiX (UK), DroiX (EU & USA), Analogue and JayBoyModz - please show them some love via the links below.

:arrow: 8BitDo
:arrow: DroiX (UK customers)
:arrow: DroiX (EU and USA Customers)
:arrow: Analogue Pocket
:arrow: JayBoyModz

- @Costello & @shaunj66 and all the GBAtemp Staff

Terms and conditions
1. The giveaway and raffle are open to all registered GBAtemp members. 2. The staffs decision is final. No cash alternative. 3. Contest is open to all world-wide but in some instances it may not be possible to organise delivery to some countries - in this case an alternative prize may be offered. 4. Duplicate accounts are forbidden - anyone found to be entering via duplicate accounts will be disqualified. 5. These terms and conditions can be amended at any time. 6. By entering a giveaway or the raffle you agree to be bound to these terms and that the staff decision is final. 7. Personal information provided for shipping will be kept in the strictest confidence and not sold to third parties but may be shared with the competition sponsors for delivery.


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May 16, 2022
Winning a handheld I don't have the time to play on would be a blast and a bummer at the same time. Nonetheless, here I am 🤣
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