Nintendo Direct - June 18, 2024 - new Mario Party, Mario & Luigi game, and more


That's right! It's time for the Summer showcase you've all been waiting for. A Nintendo Direct is about to air, bringing us 40 minutes of Nintendo Switch content. The event will start roughly an hour after this thread goes live, so stick around and enjoy the coverage when the broadcast airs, and share your thoughts on all the announcements. If you're not able to tune in, don't worry, because we'll summarize everything below!

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Here we go.

It's Mario & Luigi time. Quirky dialogue, Bowser, new minigames, and the combat system you've come to expect. Mario & Luigi Brothership is out November 7th.

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition launches July 18, and features ghost data where you can compete for the best level clearing times in classic games.

Fairy Tail is getting a game. It's an action-RPG. It'll be out this Winter.

Fantasian is a new turn-based RPG from the creator of Final Fantasy. The unique gameplay in this one focuses on sending enemies to different dimensions to fight later, and positioning skills to chain kills. This holiday.

Nintendo Switch Sports is getting basketball as free DLC. Local and online play. Will be out this Summer.

Mio: Memories of Orbit is a 2D adventure game.

Disney Illusion Island is getting a new update. You'll need to solve a mystery case in this level. Out later today.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is here to excite us all. It's an open-world Hello Kitty game. Timed Switch exclusive next year.

The Looney Tunes are back in a new sports game. Wacky World of Sports will release this Fall.

Among Us is getting a new crewmate and imposter role. Now there's trackers, and invisibility. Out later today.

Our first farm-like is here. There's dragons and monster raising, where you plant the monsters and then harvest them into living creatures that you can level up. Farmagia is out November 1st.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is getting a port. Will include the 3DS bonus levels. Jan 16.

Dragon Quest is the next focus. Dragon Quest III is getting an HD-2D remake. Re-experience it November 14th.

That's not all; DQ 1+2 2D HD is coming out next year as well.

Funko Fusion has all sorts of licensed characters in a 3D adventure game. There's 60 famous POPs to play as from various pop culture media. Sept 13.

Luigi's Mansion 2 is here, with a launch of June 27.

The New Denpa Men brings you a quirky RPG adventure. 4 player local coop. Free to play, timed Switch exclusive July 27.

Metal Slug Attack Reloaded is a tower defense version of Metal Slug.

Darkest Dungeon II. July 15.

NSO is adding the GBA version of LoZ: Link to the Past Four Swords, Metroid: Zero Mission. Turok and Perfect Dark are coming to the N64 library, now with online multiplayer. Available later today.

Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero is a new game in the series. It's turn-based tactical gameplay. 2025.

Seven different Capcom games. MvC 2: New Age of Heroes, The Punisher, X-Men VS Street Fighter, and more. Launches this year.

Back to Nintendo IPs. Super Mario Party: Jamboree. New boards, and old boards will be in. Over 110 minigames. There's a 20-player online battle mode. Koopathalon. October 17.

We've got another Zelda remake in the style of Link's Awakening. This one stars Zelda. Echoes of Wisdom. Nintendo wanted a new gameplay style. Rifts have captured residents of Hyrule, including Link. Zelda uses the Tri-rod instead of the sword. You can create echoes of items to recreate them anywhere. You can create tables or boxes to help you climb walls. Fighting enemies have you creating echoes of monsters to fight other monsters with. September 26.

There will be a Zelda themed Switch Lite.

Just Dance. October.

LEGO Horizon Adventures is coming to the Switch. Holiday 2024.

Stray is being ported to the Switch. Holiday.

Tales of the Shire: A Lord of the Rings Game. You can decorate your home, solve puzzles, and farm.

Ace Attorney Investigations 1+2 is getting officially translated. September 6.

100 Line Last Defense Academy is from the Danganronpa creator, and will be out next year. It's an RPG.

SaGa is coming to Switch. The combat system has been updated. You can change the course of the story with choices. Romancing Saga 2 Revenge of the Seven is out Oct 24.

The finale is...

Yep, it's Metroid Prime 4: Beyond. 2025.


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Oct 2, 2012
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If this is the last direct
This might be the last Direct we get pre-Switch 2 announcement, but I can't imagine it'll be close to the last Direct we get about Switch content at all. Even EoL 3DS still made its way into Nintendo Directs after the Switch was revealed. There's still probably at least 3 more that we'll get that'll focus on Switch games, as they transition to announcing and releasing new hardware.


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Dec 17, 2019
the 90's 💙
Some of you need to learn how to read. What part of "There will be no mention of the Nintendo Switch successor during this presentation." is difficult to understand?
If those Nintendo fanboys could read they'd be very upset with you.

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