Game franchises that rose from the dead, and those that should have been put down again

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    it got TOO crazy after Super C
  2. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    I was wondering if I could include board games, but come to think of it, these things live on virtually as well, so...

    Monopoly. Just... Enough, already. I just skimmed through a toy magazine, and it makes me sad. Hardly any modern board games being advertised, but freaking monopoly gets half a page (fortnite edition... Seriously?).
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    River City Ransom/ Kunio-Kun.

    And honestly, outside of the GBA remake, I can't say they've all been that great - more of a testament to how awesome the NES ones were than anything else.
  4. alexander1970

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    Nov 8, 2018
    Not a real Resident Evil Game for me.
    The Game itself is great.But Resident Evil Game ? Only if Redfield appears....
    Same for the Revelation Games.....
    5 ? Really ?
    6 ??? No comment.:P
    Operation Raccoon City ?? :rolleyes:
    Did i forget some Games ?
    Dead Aim.....
    The Resident Evil First Person Shooters....:rofl2:
    The Handheld Versions....
    Outbreak Games ?
    .....yes,qualitativ high Level Resident Evil Games.:D

    The Resident Evil 2 Remake is very good,it has very few elements from the Original Game.:)

    Thank you.:)
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    I did say ignoring 6 and the unnumbered spinoffs. In most cases that is like writing off a franchise because of a poor handheld cash in effort.

    As for 5 I really liked that. Got a bit silly at the end (though what in the franchise does not go a bit off the rails in the later game?) and the DLC was worth experiencing too. That said I will note that I did play it exclusively in co-op.

    As far as very few elements from the original game then what was omitted, or indeed added, that so radically changed it? Are you of the tank controls is best controls mindset?
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  6. alexander1970

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    Nov 8, 2018
    *replies in the middle of tearing appart 2 PCs and re-assembe them in reverse way*

    The Spirit.Part 1,2 and 3 are an "in itself perfectly trimmed" Trilogy.As Player you HAVE to say after playing "MORE MORE...."
    More of that Story....ok we got it with Part ZERO.Really ? great Parts of the Story YES.

    Veronica was for me very good and...disappointing....rising expectation "where does the story go" until .... disappointing ending.But a solid Resident Evil Game.Had still the Spirit of the Series.

    Part 4 was "surprising" and I think the main reason was LEON.And to answer your Control Question: I like this new Control/new Camera View Game.Story was now "moving" away from the Original....but a really great Game and Resident Evil Style again.

    and thats other Game achieved it again.....for me.:)

    Revelation Games was a desaster for me.Great Games (as pseudo First Person Shooters really great) but not Resident Evil...
    5 - Yes a good Game but Resident Evil Spirit ?

    You may played it in 1996 on the PSX.You maybe understand what the "Feeling" was in these Days on the first Hours on Resident Evil.:yay:
    That ALL is gone now....

    and then comes 7......
    A wonderful,great Game,I love it unitl today.....but where is the "Reference to the first 3 Games ? Redfield ? The House ? The Ship ??? .......
    With this Part I think Resident Evil died.Literally.:D

    Thank you.:)
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    Jun 17, 2013
    I love this reply.
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