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You can access the IRC User Guide here
IRC has its own IRC server. To join the fun add to your server list. For further details see here. After doing so join the channel.

This server and the channels therein are meant for chat purposes only, and there is absolutely no illegal content there. You're free to join us for a chat whenever you like, just remember to follow the all rules you see below.

If you're not sure what exactly IRC is, then I recommend you see this page and download one of the most popular Windows IRC clients, mIRC. Alternatively you may use the GBAtemp IRC Online Chatroom or Java Applet. There is also a direct link for other clients.

Note that you should keep all IRC problems off of the forums, and also that we are not associated with the -temp channels (we do not operate any of them, and have no say what content you'll find there). The exception to this rule is If you have any problems, PM a member of the staff or an operator in the IRC channel.

The RulesPlease read the rules carefully and follow them while on our IRC server. Those who do not will most likely be banned from the channel(s). If you're banned from a channel, it was probably for a good reason and was deserved. However, you can plead your case with the operators (your ban time depends on the severity of your offense).

While we are more relaxed with the rules on IRC, the channel(s) and server are an extension of the site and you should behave appropriately. The Forum Rules and the IRC rules are nearly identical. However there are IRC specific rules:

  1. Absolutely no Warez or illegal ROMs, WADs, or ISOs! We do not have any illegal content on the server nor do we want any.
  2. No spam! This one is obvious, who wants spam in their channel? Abusing bots, advertising, flooding, and the many other types of spam are prohibited.
  3. No porn! We like our channel clean as possible. Any and all porn is prohibited (this includes 'hentai', 'yaoi' and any form of child pornography).
  4. Don't flame other members of the channel or forum. There's a difference between hateful comments and gentle ribbing.
  5. Speak English! GBAtemp is an English-speaking community and we ask that you speak English in the channel.
  6. No "4-Chanism!" We ask that you don't spout 4chan meme's or link to 4chan threads or images in the channel. Sure, you can be silly and have fun - but there's a difference between being silly and "4chanism."
  7. Respect the operators and members. You're to respect the operators and the members/users in the channel. Give respect, and you'll be respected back.
The rules are simple and easy to follow. Really, all you have to do is act like you have some common sense.

ChannelsAside from, many other channels are available on our network. You can obtain a list of available channels through the /list command.

All users are free to create their own channels on our network. No permission from a Staff member or IRC Operator is needed. It is the responsibility of the founder to keep the channel maintained.

It is possible to register your channel through Chanserv (which in turn requires a registered nickname through Nickserv). Doing so allows you to keep operator rights in your channel after leaving and rejoining. Other channel operators can be added through Chanserv as well if needed.

IRC OperatorsThe GBAtemp IRC network is constantly maintained by special users called IRC Operators. All our IRC Operators are part of the Forum Staff, and most of them are active on a daily basis.

A list of IRC Operators can be found here.

If you need to contact one of the IRC Operators, you can send them a private message on IRC, or the forums.

vHostsThe GBAtemp network supports usage of Virtual Hosts (vHosts). They can be used to hide your host, showing a custom message instead. Note that this does not prevent any operator to ban you from a channel or the network.

To change your vHost, please contact one of the IRC Operators through private message on IRC. Make sure your Nickname is registered through NickServ first.


Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy chatting in the channel.