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    Computer games by their very nature are rigidly defined pieces of maths/code*. This is compared to the likes of tabletop role playing where a fudge or two so as to keep the story, experience, or whatever you wish to deem it, moving are expected parts of the process, or in board games where house rules and mechanics external to the game (meta gaming being a term here but it can go further than that) are commonly in play.

    "The Algorithm" however decided I would like a series of videos from a channel called FailRace called Survive the Hunt. The general premise is that a single player attempts to either blend in with NPCs in some measure of "living world" for a certain amount of time, or whilst having to complete a series of objectives. Various rules for the hunters and the hunters are enacted depending upon the game (typically they use one of the Forza titles or GTA5) to make it a viable mode of play. Ordinarily I am no fan of watching footage of such gameplay but it turns out we do indeed dance for our machines these days and it was massively compelling. But for the honking great yellow arrow various people I had met expressed an interest in such a mode as far back as GTA 1 (as in the 2d efforts), and things like Watch_Dogs had similar modes in its "randomly draw you into multiplayer" thing it did, but that series did well. Similarly if you wanted an example of the "asymmetric gaming" concept that was an E3 buzzword in years past then this is that, and a far better glimpse into what it can achieve than many of the offerings we ultimately saw.

    Of course it goes beyond that and we have game mods (whether with developer made tools, or the likes of ROM hacking), the humble house rule (don't shoot a player without a weapon in Goldeneye), simplistic savestate efforts (in EA's Skate series the ability to designate a spawn point and play the pass the controller was almost universal), the increasingly large number of "challenge games" wherein emulator savestates and memory viewers are set up to create challenges for people, various communities make their own challenges (the Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge being a good example), and even speedrunning could be argued to be a version of this.

    *at least for now. While we have hidden rules in games they are just that. Eventually we probably will have some kind of self learning and altering code make a game, first likely coming in the form of rewards and weapon statistics being honed by an algorithm similar to suggested videos on various video services, but that is a discussion for another thread (feel free to make such a thing if you want though).

    Previously we discussed the state of VR and 3D and whether they had once more failed to take hold.

    You are invited to then discuss things such as your house rules, own games you made within others that you and yours play, ROM hacks/cheats to alter games such that it would fit here, and times where you take a small facet of a game and have things fall from that.
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  1. Shrike

    Shrike GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 10, 2018
    All I need to say is: Mario Party Drinking Game

    • Landing on a Red-Field = Drink!
    • Loosing a minigame = Drink!
    • Loosing a 3 vs 1 minigame as group = Each Groupmember drinks whole glass!
    • Loosing a star = Drink whole glass!
    • Bowser-Field = Drink whole glass!
    • You got coins stolen = Drink!
    • You dice a 1 on the Gameboard = Drink!

    ... This list can be expanded to you own needs.

    Cheers !
  2. WiiHomebrew+Snes

    WiiHomebrew+Snes GBAtemp Fan

    May 4, 2016
    United States
    This works great in simple / arcade style games, one of the reasons why NES remix was one of my favorite Wii u games. One of my favorite things to do was eat the power pellets last in pac man and then avoid eating the ghosts.
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  3. WiiUBricker

    WiiUBricker News Police

    Sep 19, 2009
    Do card games count? As kids me and my family invented a card game we named asshole due to how the cards look when dealt. We didn’t realize there was already a card game called asshole (or president) which had different rules from our game. We still play it to this day haha.
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  4. ChrisMCNBVA

    ChrisMCNBVA GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 5, 2002
    United States
    natural bridge, virginia
    I say if there is infinite anything like lives, health, etc in video games, I use it and usually have more fun with it like say you're trying to beat a big boss of a game and you have no ammo since you used it up on the way to to the boss, that's where infinite comes in handy
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  5. Dr.Hacknik

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    Mar 26, 2014
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    inside your fridge
    Man I wish I was creative in this sense. Sadly, I am not.

    Probably because I've never really thought about making my own way of playing a game.

    So does Smash Bros. With no items, 300% damage and Max damage ratio on an Omega stage count? That's all I got
  6. Arras

    Arras GBAtemp Guru

    Sep 14, 2010
    It depends a bit. It's usually not a hard rule, but sometimes I do intentionally limit myself a bit to make the game more fun/challenging. For example, in Pokemon I try to only use Pokemon I've never used before regardless of whether they're actually good, never use legendaries in my team, try to make as full a team as the game allows (since you need HM slaves in older games, it capped at 4 or 5 - in the newer games you can use all 6 slots), flee from all wild battles and, in newer games, avoid most trainers when possible since you just get too much EXP otherwise. Or, though I don't have a recent example, if a game gives you something that's just too OP, I may actively try to avoid using it.
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  7. Noctosphere

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    Dec 30, 2013
    Back with kitty Zelda forever :D
    My brother in law and his friends sometime play to "Beer Kart"
    You must play mario kart but by the end of the course, you must have finished a beer
    When drinking, you mustn't drive, you must stop

    Apparently, the 10th course is funnier :)
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  8. Youkai

    Youkai Demon

    Jul 1, 2004
    Germany , NRW
    as far as I know I never did that in a Video game ... at least not on purpose ...

    Only made my "own" game with a friend playing TableTennis (real life) as he lost to fast against me we changed the rules so that you don't win with getting 11 points but each point you score adds one to your score and removes one from the opponents and at 20:0 you have your last rubber band and can still win 0:21 if you are lucky enough ...
    Played that agains someone who is very similiar to me and after 2 hours we stopped as we were to exhausted XD
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  9. AmandaRose

    AmandaRose Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan

    Aug 19, 2015
    United Kingdom
    Here in Scotland Asshole/President has the much better name of Shitty Arse lol.
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  10. Ev1l0rd

    Ev1l0rd (⌐◥▶◀◤) Developer - noirscape

    Oct 26, 2015
    Site 19
    I think one of my personal favorite targets for this kind of gameplay is the Dark Souls series, specifically 3 (little more on why 3 is below).

    The Dark Souls series offers a wide variety of weapon categories, armors and tons of customization in how you build your character. The only thing that's ever solidly locked in are your starting stats, and even those can be previewed before you start.

    This opens up the games very wide to a lot of possible playstyles and challenges. One of my personal most fun challenges was making it through 1 (not DLC, artorias is just a bit too difficult) using only greatswords. Okay, not the hardest (since the legend never dies), but it's fun.

    I personally like doing this the most with Dark Souls 3, since it offers the most amount of weapon variety early game (I'm pretty sure that every weapon type can be obtained before you leave the Undead Settlement) and nearly everything is balanced in some form. Currently, I'm doing a katana only run, and it's interesting to explore the game mechanics when you're not able to have the same versatility in solving a problem as you usually have, while also offering the fun additions of being able to completely plan your character around a certain playstyle (ie. on my normal characters, I usually end up leveling both str and dex to 40, but if my weapon mainly scales with dex, I might as well just scale dex. Same for equip load.)
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  11. DinohScene

    DinohScene Feed Dino to the Sharks

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    Oct 11, 2011
    I once speedran GTA SA, stopping by every drug dealer to kill him.
    Needless to say that it doubled the time spent on the game
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  12. KirovAir

    KirovAir Dutch Alcoholic Programmer

    Dec 7, 2006
    From: Germany - Country checks out lol. I'll use this next party at my place!
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  13. BlastedGuy9905

    BlastedGuy9905 where's the updated autopsy report

    Apr 13, 2017
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    under your desk
    Hitman 2:
    Murder everyone in a friendly little neighborhood :)
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  14. warweeny

    warweeny GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 25, 2011
    I like to do a "survival" type of challenges myself in most games.
    Use what you find and you may not buy anything. If there is a crafting system i cannot farm the materials, if i encounter enemies i may find them, but i may not look for enemies specifically.

    This formula works great is souls-like series and regular rpg's like final fantasy or tales of series.

    In pokemon i do the same thing, i cannot buy anything from shops and getting pokeballs or anything like it becomes a rarity.
    I also introduce a level cap in the pokemon games since it is way too easy to do a nuzlocke, just level your starter to 100 and gg easy game, i never understood the people who said nuzlocke is hard.
  15. Longshot56

    Longshot56 Advanced Member

    Nov 8, 2018
    United States
    Kakariko Village, Death Mountain Drive
    On MKDS, I played Mission Mode backwards. Can't go forward. It was HARD.
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  16. Noctosphere

    Noctosphere Adoptive father of my kitty named Zelda

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    Dec 30, 2013
    Back with kitty Zelda forever :D
    easier said than done
    it takes time...
  17. raxadian

    raxadian GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Nov 10, 2018
    I love to use bugs to finish a game faster.
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  18. The Real Jdbye

    The Real Jdbye Always Remember 30/07/08

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    Mar 17, 2010
    That is a dangerous way to do nuzlocke, if your starter faints your game is over. And unless you intend to grind it up a lot early on before you get to any trainers/gym leaders where you're at a type disadvantage, it WILL faint.
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  19. x65943

    x65943 Dr. Rabbi Prince X, Sr., Ed. D.

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    Jun 23, 2014
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    When my siblings and I would play animal crossing we would design clothes and leave them at the Abel sisters

    We each had our T-shirt slot with the Abel sisters on display

    The goal was to get the most villagers wearing your shirt

    The designs varied, but my favorite were the ones that said "screw bob"

    Haha I had never seen my brother Bob so mad when he saw the first villager wearing that "screw bob" t-shirt