Future Games Show E3 2021 press conference - live coverage

The last conference of E3 2021 day 2. Laura Bailey is here to host some new reveals, trailers, and more.

Live Coverage

Instinction revealed. There are tons of dinosaurs. You appear to land on a planet full of them. It's an FPS. You need to protect the dinos. But also hide from them, because they're trying to eat you. 2022.

Grow: Song of the Evertree is a sandbox game. It's all about nature and rebuilding the world. 2021.

More dinosaurs. Hope you like seeing the Jurrasic World Evolution 2 trailer for a third time. This time there's gameplay. Triceratops footage. 2021.

Future Games Show has some game demos on the official Steam page to try out.

Gatewalkers has action-RPG combat with survival elements. 4 player coop. Procedurally generated worlds. Hunger, temperature, and food meters.

Gamedec is an isometric crime-solving RPG. Your choices impact the world.

Backbone is a 2D adventure noir detective game. You play as a raccoon.

Beacon Pines is a storybook game. You have to collect words to change the story.

Trifox is a tower defense game.

Beavers are all that remain in Timberborne. You need to make a beaver utopia in this city sim game.

Rift Breaker is a hack an slash survival game. Isometric view.

All of these games are playable in demo form.

eSports boxing club game. There are 200 real-world boxers to play as. There's a women's division, too.

Hell Let Loose is a WWII shooter that leaves early access on July 27th. Console release later this year.

Co-op XCOM is how this game is described. You can outfit yourself with skills and weapons, control your squad, and play in up to 8 player co-op. Red Solstice 2.

Live your dream and become a mailman. It's set in the 80s. There are social elements and other RPGish options. It's a story game. Lake comes to Xbox and PC first. September 1st.

It's a pixel-y Soulslike, self-described. Space zombies. Eldest Souls launches July 29th. Boss Rush mode.

Enlisted is a historical WWII shooter. You instruct them and can switch between your soldiers seamlessly. Some soldiers have special classes and have certain abilities. Open beta available.

Shoot with only one arm. Severed Steel. There's a lot of sliding.

Definitely Not Fried Chicken.

Highlight reel of indie games.

Sonic Colors Ultimate gameplay is shown, Tropical Resort Act 1.

Starmancer is a Chucklefish game. Early access on August 5th.

KeyWe is about kiwis working in a telegram office. There's all sorts of hazards these poor kiwis have to fight against to get the mail sorted. They have outfits. Co-op. August 31st.

Game show game. Deathrun TV. There's lots of shooting.

Chernobylite footage again. There are weapon modifications and base building. You can get companions to help you. July 28. Console release in the summer.

Team17's latest games are here. Super Magbot releases June 22nd. Honey, I Joined a Cult. King of Seas out. Greak launches August 17th. Shelthered 2 launches this summer.

Overcooked free update for All You Can Eat edition.

Harold Halibut is a stop-motion animated game. Coming soonish.

Happy Game is not so happy, launches this fall. PC and Switch.

Puzzle platformer. Minute of Islands is out now.

Dying Light 2 again. The developer is talking about the game's mechanics.

Skateboarding action platformer. Olli Olli World shows some of the gameplay and new tricks you can pull off.

Tails of Iron. It's an army of mice who fight in wars.

David Jaffe has a game to show. Lust from Beyond has been toned down for console release.

Fire Commander is a new game.

Shadowverse Champions Battle is a card battle game out this August.

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town is coming to PS4 and Xbox. Coming Fall 2021

Rune Factory 4 Special is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox. Fall 2021.

Fune Factory 5 has a dub trailer. Early 2022.

Project Ferocious is targeting 2023 as a launch. It's a dinosaur game.

Sam Barlow is working on a new game. Immortality is the name. Launches 2022, it features the story of a disappearance of a movie maker.


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Legend of mana trailer looks fantastic but my PS1 copy still works so I see no reason to buy the game again unless they fixed the problems with the original. Basically I want to be able to do all the missions without having to beat the final Boss several times and I want magic to not be freaking useless at the highest difficulty settings oh and they better add a crafting guide for everything you can make in the game.
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