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  • hey you are a raspberry pi fan!
    just got one last week, still trying to figure it out
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    thanks for the tip, just tried increase it to 256mb, it seems to helped a little bit but still really struggling
    i will try kodi (propper software), or maybe its just the video i tried with an old codec not supported by the hardware
    i am loving this little board, its giving me plenty of entertaining to set it up and try stuff lol
    I still have the old B+ lol.
    You can also use it as an emulation machine with RetroPie
    Deleted User
    Hey @migles , have you enabled the GL driver? just do a quick sudo raspi-config in the terminal and under advanced settings, set the GL driver to full.
    Waaaaait, that was a year ago, sorry for the necropost :(
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