Extract and Decrypt games, NAND backups, and SD contents with ninfs

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    Several releases have been put up since my last post here, so here is a summary of them. Some of the notable changes are a rename to ninfs, a standalone release for macOS, support for Nintendo Switch backups, and more.


    fuse-3ds v1.3
    • Added option to skip a specific update
    • Added option to prevent checking online for updates
    • Fix detection of tkinter on Linux
    fuse-3ds v1.3.1
    • New custom icon
    • First release of standalone macOS Application Bundle
    • Minor GUI text updates
    ninfs v1.4
    • New feature to mount Nintendo Switch NAND images
      • This requires BIS keys, dumped with Lockpick_RCM or biskeydump.
    • New project name: ninfs
    • Fix incorrect developer common key 0
    • Many other internal changes
    ninfs v1.5
    • Support split Nintendo Switch NAND backup files
      • Each part is expected to end in two digits (e.g. rawnand.bin.00, rawnand.bin.01, ...). Any part can be selected, the program will search for all parts starting with 00.
      • The command line argument -S or --split-files is used for a split backup.
      • The GUI will attempt to automatically detect this based on the filename.
    • GUI: Automatically detect Nintendo DSi NAND backups
    • GUI: Fix oversight breaking automatic detection of Nintendo 3DS NAND backups
    • ExeFS: Always show code-decompressed.bin, even if .code is not compressed
    ninfs v1.6
    • CDN: Support using a tmd file to mount - #36
      • The GUI now expects a tmd file by default instead of a directory.
    • SD: Support manual SD key input
      • --sd-key reads the key as a hexstring. It cannot be used at the same time as --movable.
      • The GUI currently does not accept the key as a hexstring, only a movable.sed file.
    • CMDLINE: Support --boot9 for loading the ARM9 bootROM from any path
    • SD: Workaround write corruption bug
    • NANDHAC: Performance improvements to AES-XTSN crypto operations by @luigoalma
    • CCI: Remove useless SeedDB option
    • Stability or something, I guess.
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    Edit - Nevermind. Ignore this post. Issue's resolved with some needed patience.

    After several minutes, the program finished extracting my files. :lol:


    Original Post,

    @ihaveamac, I'm using the latest ninfs v1.6.1, installed WinFsp 2019.1, and updated to Python 3.7.3 on my Windows 8.1 64-bit computer. Also have the boot9.bin and June release seeddb.bin at C:\Users\<my user's profile>\AppData\Roaming\3ds.

    When trying to use the "nand.bin" option on my nand.bin (1.82 GB) dumped from [S:] SYSNAND VIRTUAL (also tried it with otpotp.bin extracted from essential.exefs), the specified empty New folder doesn't list any of the files.

    I have no issues mounting CIAs or other image types. No difference when all my anti-virus programs are disabled in remedying this.

    The problem could be something else on my main computer; no way to test ninfs on my spare 64-bit netbook with Linux Mint and Windows 7 (it's kaputt / currently saving money for a replacement mobo).

    Empty folder
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    IHaveAMac, thanks for all your work on this. It's so rare to find tools like this that run on MacOS! I wonder if you could help me with a bug. I have my boot9 and SeedDB dumped, and I am attempting to mount CIA files from a .3DS file.. When I do so, it fails with the following error:

    File "ninfs/pyctr/types/tmd.py", line 222, in load
    KeyError: 0

    It's the InvalidSignatureTypeError and it also fails to handle it.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "ninfs/_pyi_main.py", line 31, in <module>
    File "ninfs/main.py", line 80, in mount
    File "ninfs/mount/cia.py", line 239, in main
    File "ninfs/mount/cia.py", line 68, in __init__
    File "ninfs/pyctr/types/tmd.py", line 224, in load
    pyctr.types.tmd.InvalidSignatureTypeError: 0x00000000

    I have Fuse installed.
    I thought perhaps I was using the app wrong, and designated the type to mount as .3DS, but that seems to just lock up ninfs and Finder on me..
    OSX Version: 10.14.5
    PYthon Version: 2.7.10
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    What exactly do you mean by "I am attempting to mount CIA files from a .3DS file."? It looks like you're using the CIA mount, but you're not choosing a CIA file. Make sure you choose 'CTR Cart Image (".3ds", ".cci")'.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, I think I may have been using the app incorrectly at first. Mounting it as a CTR does seem to be locking up the whole OS, though.. Gradually crashing the whole computer. Hopefully I can tinker a bit later today.