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ninfs v1.6.1

Note: the releases here are pretty old. Check out the alpha releases on GitHub. This resource will be updated once a new stable release of 2.0 is out!

ninfs (formerly fuse-3ds) is a FUSE program to extract data from Nintendo game consoles. It works by presenting a virtual filesystem with the contents of your games, NAND, or SD card contents, and you can browse and copy out just the files that you need.

This download contains an executable for 64-bit Windows. For usage on macOS, Linux, and 32-bit Windows, please see the GitHub repository. Windows 7 or later is required.

On Windows, WinFsp must be installed.

For detailed usage on the Windows GUI, see the tutorial thread.

Interested in filling out a quick survey on how you use ninfs? Click here!


Example uses
  • Mount a NAND backup and browse CTRNAND, TWLNAND, and others, and write back to them without having to extract and decrypt them first.
  • Browse decrypted SD card contents. Dump installed games and saves, or copy contents between two system's SD contents.
  • Extract a game's files out of a CIA, CCI (".3ds"), NCCH, RomFS, raw CDN contents, just by mounting them and browsing its files. Or use the virtual decrypted file start playing the game in Citra right away.
Watch a video demonstration
Want to see a video demonstration? Here is one with Pokémon Ultra Moon, using ninfs v1.0.

In this short video, I show that the CIA is encrypted, then I use ninfs to mount it and browse its contents in Windows/File Explorer. I can also use the decrypted.cxi file to immediately start playing it in Citra.

(Note that slowness is due to the virtual machine, speed would be faster on a normal computer!)

See some screenshots
Root of a CIA mounted at F:


Root of an NCCH mounted at A:


Root of a NAND backup mounted at E:\NAND


Extra tools
  • Windows users can use OSFMount to browse the FAT12/FAT16 partitions of the NAND. macOS can use the built-in DiskImageMounter, or hdiutil from Terminal.
    • On Windows, make sure you choose a directory, not a drive letter. On macOS/Linux, enable allow_root or allow_other.
  • 3ds-save-tool can be used to extract data from DISA and DIFF files (savedata and extdata).
Change log
Changelog can be viewed at:
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