Error 160-1402 : microcomponent (transistor) was faulty ! It's working now !

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    Apr 26, 2017
    Hello, i'am from baguette, omelette au fromage, sacrebleu and i wanted to help "the world"^^ by taking time to post what happened to me, so here it is.

    Pardon my rough English language.

    I bought on Ebay a cheap (25euros) faulty Wii U (error 160-1402) hoping to repair it : i tried swapping pcb card to new dvd drive etc...we tried every known solutions (i fix it, here, etc..), but with no luck.

    Clarification of symptoms : console was not booting and was blocking on error 160-1402, BUT SOMETIMES CONSOLE WAS BOOTING !!! That's why i clarify, cause finding the problem was kind of tricky you understand, and i am not at all an electronic engineer...but my bro and father have some knowledge.

    So with that in mind (sometimes it was functioning), my brother had an idea : lets try to put it in the freezer for like 20 min to see what happen : we plug it back, push button and it worked !
    We could not believe it, so we shut it off, try to put it on again..but it was not working...
    So we put it back inside the freezer again for 20 mins and voila, console booted up again !
    So my father said it's a common test for electronics engineers : applying some electronic cold spay to test component. So we did.
    And after testing by isolating chip and component to make sure we identify the good (bad^^) one, we founded it :
    20170429_194306 (FILEminimizer).jpg Sry its a bit blurry, but the marking says "EU" on it...

    So we brought console to an electronic Engineer for changing it, but finding what kind of component is, its quite complicated...i did managed to find this on the web , but the one we needed has no reference...shame... so the man said he's going to try to shunting it, but unfortunately shunting it was not effect, however, re-soldering it had an effect, and now it worked perfectly !! (hope it last).

    So i'am pretty sure it will help people to know that.

    Cheers !


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