Does Zelda: BoTW take place in a fourth timeline?

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    I have a feeling that OoT inspires a 4th timeline where Link loses to Ganon but does not die and Ganon succeeds in destroying Hyrule and is eventually sealed away and when the seal starts to weaken, Link is brought out of his 100 year sleep to stop the resurrection of Ganon. Maybe that's the story to BoTW? I think it would be cool to see a new timeline where Ganon won but did not kill Link. Although that suggests he took the coward's way out, so he wouldn't get killed by Ganon. Does anyone think that BoTW will create a 4th timeline? I think it's very possible since the DW timelines has 8 games, while both the child and adult timelines have 3 games, each.

    The other other possibilities could be, either after the WW trilogy or the NES duology. It can't take place after TP or FSA since Ganon was defeated in both games and there's no way it takes place after SS since TMC happens a few centuries later. I do feel like the WW trilogy is incomplete, despite the fact that New Hyurle became Link and Zelda's new home at the end of PH but remember that Ganon is still sealed away at the bottom of the old remains of old Hyrule and it's possible that the king of Hyrule didn't destroy the ancient kingdom, after all. Correct me if I'm wrong but there was algae on the ruined buildings of the Temple of Time and other places in the trailer and of course the Koroks didn't evolve from the Kokori in the other two timelines, as far as we know.
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    Could be. Or could this Hryule be the one after the flood of The Wind Waker disappears? I think Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks take places on a different territory (despite being the same timeline).
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    The only thing tying it to the WW timeline is the Koroks and the general imagery/asthetic. The green plantlife you are claiming is algae could just as simply be vines/moss/lichen as well.
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    I think it takes place in a fourth timeline which runs perpendicular to the 1st but is congruent to the 2nd, while remaining a mirror image to the 3rd timeline.