Do you know the guy on this pic?

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    Aug 29, 2007
    I'm trying to finish my homework from my English course for the University, but I'm having some troubles finding the identity of this man here. The premise is rather simple: I get a set of pictures (Madonna, Tom Cruise, Annie Lennox, Agatha Christie, Socrates and this man) and a set of descriptions about their early life, and I have to match the pairs. The thing is, I don't know who this man is. Or, at least, I can't recognize him from this picture. Can you give me a hand?

    Pic: [​IMG]
    Description given: "He became an apprentice on a cargo ship at the age of 17 and his very first experience was gained on a voyage to Rio de Janeiro. Altogether he spent five years at the sea. He devoted his spare time to his hobby, which was ultimately to become a full-time career, but only once he was 35."

    I know this description belongs to him, of course, as I don't think Annie Lennox is a sailorwoman... but, besides, this man's name isn't really important for the exercise, but still, I'd like to know who he is. I don't believe anyone will bother to dig any info about him, and that's always a plus with the teacher [​IMG]

    Edit: Solved! It's Paul Gauguin. I would'ave never solved it if it wasn't for the Holy Internet [​IMG] Although the image, which is undoubtly Paul Gauguin, doesn't really match the description. And I'm positively sure I've got everything else right [​IMG]
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    I thought, it was Karl Ranseier...although...nevermind and good job!