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    Dec 25, 2012
    United States
    ok i've recently bought a 2nd wiiu just to hack. (mainly for playing my gamecube games and getting rid of the wii just sitting around) and entered the world of devolution. Love it and don't mind the authentication just wondering how the 2 disc games work. tried searching for the answer but get alot of threads pointing me to devolution or usb loaders and nothing about 2 game discs. how do they have to be named. currently i am naming my games.iso as (game name from cleanrip).iso so i can tell them apart. but i don't know how to name 2 disc games like resident evil 4 so i can load the second disc when needed. also i don't see directions on how to load it. currently i'm using the devolution loader u get with devolution and plan on continuing on using that. any info would be greatly appreciated and thx in advance :)
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