Dead or alive Extreme 3 - Playing all the latest suits in owner shop

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    Feb 12, 2008
    Are they bought in "Special" or just "swimsuits"
    Because the "Special" needs "updated shop data that must be downloaded.
    And when you attempt this, it will say a new version of the app is available. and give an c2-11915-7 error. This is the same error the game will give when it starts up.

    Anyway to solve this to still get all the latest suits?
    Tried to edit the param.sfo. appver 1.10 it said so that seemed good since thats latest.
    Then the Versio was 1.0 so changed that to 1.10. but it didnt seem to matter.. still having the same issues..

    Side note question:
    im wondering if i can dump my asia DLC pre-order dlc. and then use it on my EU account
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