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Nov 28, 2014
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Demo 3 out now! Download it here.
(Please note that any bugs, glitches, unfinished characters, unfinished levels, and world map tile renderer issues will be intact in this Demo. Feel free to report any bugs on the GitHub, or here on this forum if you see any errors)

To download the latest episode builds, you’ll need to use the SMASUpdater. Download it here (Follow the instructions on the README.txt on how to install). This is recommended to download the latest episode builds!

Check out the Discord server! (Due to certain circumstances, the Discord server will be unavailable at this time.)

Open Source Repository

Other download links:
All demos + hotfixes

Super Mario All-Stars++ is an WIP episode where you play 5 original Super Mario Bros. Games (1, 2, 3, Lost Levels, and World), PLUS one brand new game AND a side quest collect-a-thon on it's brand new Hub!

Don't forget that this episode will also have everyone here, in every style possible! In other words, Everyone is Here.

- Play Super Mario Bros. 1-3, The Lost Levels, Super Mario World, and a new game (Super Mario Bros. Spencer)!

- Play as a ton of new characters, from any Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Link, Wario, Bowser, and Yoshi variant to any new/overrated/underrated character that was thought of! (Eric Cartman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Takeshi, Larry the Cucumber, SpongeBob, Ness, Lucas, Stewie Griffin, the Impostor, Joe Biden, Shrek, and more planned characters in future updates!)

- Go on a side quest as part of the Hub to complete 10 additional levels for fun!

- In future updates, free DLC levels will be playable, made by YOU (More info coming after the first full release)!

- As holidays and seasons change, the creatures in the Hub will celebrate and acknowledge it as well!

- More surprises will be along the way... there's probably gonna be more than this!

Latest Updates

Trailer is available below, along with some dev footage:

Official Opening Trailer:

More SMB3 levels done! (12-1-2022):

Cubic Interpolation Sound support (9-16-2022):

SMB3 5-Tower, More Hotel Mario (9-9-2022):

Fun with the New Character Changer (10-18-2022):

Each game lets you collect stars every time you complete a level completely. When you complete enough stars on Super Mario All-Stars++, you'll unlock a special surprise...!

Games included:

Super Mario Bros. 1 (100% complete, is playable from start to finish): Mario and Peach take a stroll when Bowser kidnaps Peach! Mario must follow Bowser as he sends his henchmen over in this overrated amazing adventure yet to come!

Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels (100% complete, is playable from start to finish): Want a challenge for you, super players? Brace yourself as you play through the toughest Mario game ever made! This game will be optional to collect stars in, but if you DO collect all the stars in this game, plus the Side Quest levels, you'll unlock the secret ending to the True Ending!

Super Mario Bros. 2 (92% complete, is playable from start to finish, but additional code and boss will have to be worked on eventually): When Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad gaze in awe as the Subcons arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom, the Subcons are actually there to warn the four of the impending doom! As Wart kidnaps' the Subcons and goes inside the book of Subcon, the four travel inside to rescue the Subcons and save their world!

Super Mario Bros. 3 (75% complete, up to World 7-Fortress 1 unfinished): As Mario tries to cure each Kings spell throughout the kingdoms, a familiar foe returns as Peach goes missing during Mario's journey to see why the Kings were transformed!

Super Mario World (9% complete, up to Vanilla Dome 2 unfinished, Donut Secret 2 not made yet): Bowser and the Koopalings steal Peach and all the Yoshi eggs and try to thwart Dinosaur Island! You must stop Bowser at once!

Super Mario Bros. Spencer (9% complete, up to World 2-Tower, 2-4 to 3-1 is unfinished): As Peach and the Toads finds an unconscious human lying in the grassy Mushroom Kingdom, the human (Spencer) wakes up and urges the friendly folk to get them home! But during that journey, a brand new enemy comes in to not only conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, but to destroy his past foe he once clashed with...!

Me and Larry City (HUB, Side Quest is 9% complete): The HUB, located at Mars (Also home to the True Ending)! As you collect stars each level, you'll find something new there every time you visit (Within a specific amount of stars, and every holiday/special occasion)! Not only it's a HUB, it also has a side quest for collecting some stars outside of the games of the episode! The Side Quest is optional to collect stars for the True Ending though (But seriously, the levels will be good).

DLC Additional Content (Coming in the next update after the full release): Made by YOU, for everyone to play! I pick the best levels made for the episode for each update, and the 3 winners get their level in the new update! How can you submit? More information coming after the full v1.0.0.0 release!

Screenshots (Updated on 2/22/2022):







When will this be completely released?

For the time being, this does not have an estimated release date, nor does have one at all. This game will be completed whenever it does get completed.

If you want to join/contribute to this project (And submit levels for the DLC world), sign ups are not open yet.

I'm still thinking if I should open sign ups for the project yet or not. Though I want creative control and be the director of some sorts.

If you do want to give me pointers for what I need to change/add to the episode itself, though, contact me here, though Discord at "Spencer Everly#1997" (Without quotes), or use the bug tracker on the episode's GitHub page.


What will this be compatible with?

Until we announce anything further, Demos 1-3 will be compatible with SMBX2 Beta 4 (The latest version as of 1/11/2023), since there will be many LunaLua codes that change behaviors of the game throughout (When production started originally in 2012, it was compatible with the original SMBX 1.3).

There will also be an TheXTech version as well (Which will not only just be for Windows but also for other platforms such as Mac, Linux, Wii, 3DS, Switch, etc, and will have additional stuff not found in the SMBX2 version). More information coming soon.

There was going to be another version, such as a "GameMaker Studio 2" version. That's not gonna happen though, due to how the engine can't backport SMBX-related stuff easily.

Do I need any external files other than the episode?

Nope, not at the moment. Hopefully this'll be an episode-only project for the most part. There’s also another project called the LunaLua “SEE Mod” which brings extra compatibility, but more info will come at a later date.

Will everything be identical to the original games from the original consoles?

Hopefully. That's the goal for this project. If things are NOT identical, then sorry for that... it would be due to SMBX's engine and how it is coded.

Do you have a progress report on what's done so far?

Check the GitHub for any additions, but for future additions check the development log above.

Something on the SMASUpdater says something is conflicting!

This happens every now and then when major changes happen. To solve this, use the SMASUpdater settings and refresh SMAS++ (Then move back saves if you haven't done that yet).

I can’t get new updates after I haven’t updated in so long!

This happens when you aren’t actively updating the episode. To solve this, do the same thing like on the last question, except use option 2 (Delete SMAS++ for redownloading).

My question wasn't answered.

Contact me here or on Discord at "Spencer Everly#1997" (Without quotes).

Have fun!
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