de touch screen not responding

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    Mar 3, 2007
    o.k i got a balck ds lite here and my cousing gave it to me to fix as my ds died somehow (no power or life no matter what i tried) and i had the touhcscreen from that so i went ahead and swithced the touchscreens around and to my surprise it was the same as before.

    I tried calibrating it etc but nothing seems to work, i tried disconnecting and reconnecting the ribbon many time as well but still nothing.

    do you guys have a any suggestions as to what it could be? I am going to try another touch screen that i replieced on my cousins ds which was also faulty but the top half still responded so that will confirm if my touch screen was faulty also but i doubt it as it worked up to the day it died unless the death was linked to the touchscreen like a power surge or something.

    thanks for reading.