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    ddd - WiiU Title Dumper

    What is ddd ?

    ddd is a WiiU Title Dumper developed by Dimok.
    It dumps the data of any title launched on your WiiU.

    It can dump all the files from these folders or their sub-folders:
    It will automatically generate the cos.xml and app.xml needed by Loadiine when dumping /vol/code

    It requires a server on your computer which works on Windows, Linux and Mac.


    Download :
    Source :


    ddd works on all WiiU versions capable of running the Homebrew Launcher.


    :!: Attention : Before dumping your game, be sure you disabled the WiiU's Auto Power-Down feature, or the console will shut down in the middle of the dump.
    It can takes few hours to dump a game through the network, as the network average speed is 800KB/s to 1MB/s.

    On PC
    You need to launch the server with a command line to specify the path you want to dump, and where you want the files to be dumped to.

    Open a command line window (or a terminal on Linux/mac):
    Mac : The terminal is located in the Utilities folder in Applications.
    Windows (method1) : Start menu > run > type cmd and press enter
    Windows (method2) : press Shift on the keyboard and right-click on an empty spot of the folder where the dumper is located, then select "open a command line window here".

    If the command window is not already in the correct folder, browse to the Title Dumper folder using the "cd <path>" command. Example:
    Once you are on the correct folder, launch the Title Dumper. The command to launch the Title Dumper is different if you are on Windows or Mac/Linux.

    Use this command line format:
    Linux and mac
    Use this command line format:

    where <dump_path_on_wiiu> is "/vol" or any valid sub-folders (see examples below) and <output_path_on_pc> is an existing folder in which you want to store the dumped files on your computer.

    You can also use a batch or bash file with that command line inside instead of opening a command line window every time.

    On WiiU
    1. Run ddd from the homebrew launcher.
    2. Set your computer's IP and press X button to install ddd in memory and return to WiiU Main menu. (You can press A button instead to autoboot the inserted disc)
    3. Launch the title you want to dump. It will pause on the logo until the dump is done.
    4. After the dump is done, the title will continue loading normally. Keep the server active if you need to dump rpl files.
    5. Close the server and launch it again with a different output path if you launch another title, or you will dump multiple titles to the same path.
    6. Launch Miimaker to return to installer and press Home button to exit to the homebrew Launcher to remove the dumper from memory.

    Special method to dump the /vol/meta folder
    If you want to dump the /vol/meta folder then the method is different based on the launched title type.

    WiiU disc titles and titles installed on WiiU USB Hard drive:
    1. After you launched the title, press the Home button.
    2. Wait on the Home menu until all files are dumped.
    3. You can now close the Home menu and either return to the game or exit.

    Titles installed on the WiiU system memory (NAND):
    1. After you launched the title, press the Home button
    2. Exit to the system menu
    3. Wait 30 seconds on the system menu, until all files are dumped. The dump will start about 15 seconds after the system menu is loaded.

    Things to know:
    - RPL files are dumped only if they are loaded in memory. You need to play the game and trigger their load for the files to be dumped.
    - The dumper will semi-resume the dump if you cancel it. The existing files will be skipped, partial files will be dumped again.
    - If you specify only /vol as input path it will dump all possible path.
    - You can't specify a single file to dump as input path yet.
    - On windows you can use either slash / or anti-slash \ in the output path.
    - If the path contains a space, you need to use quotes around it "c:\path with space\output folder\"


    Example 1
    Dumping the "code" folder of your Lego City Game disc to E:\WiiU\ISO\Lego City\
    It will dump :
    E:\WiiU\ISO\Lego City\vol\code\legocity.master.rpx
    E:\WiiU\ISO\Lego City\vol\code\app.xml
    E:\WiiU\ISO\Lego City\vol\code\cos.xml

    Example 2
    Dump the "driver" folder of Mario Kart 8:
    it will dump:
    E:\WiiU\ISO\Mario Kart 8\vol\content\driver\BbDaisy.szs
    E:\WiiU\ISO\Mario Kart 8\vol\content\driver\BbLuigi.szs
    E:\WiiU\ISO\Mario Kart 8\vol\content\driver\ and all the szs files located in that folder

    Example 3
    Dump EVERYTHING the dumper can dump:
    Specify only "/vol" as input path.
    It will dump :
    /vol/code, app.xml cos.xml
    into your mario kart 8 folder

    Example 4
    You can also specify relative path to dump the title into the current dumper's folder.


    You can't dump System menu or Miimaker titles.
    If you need these titles, they can be downloaded from NUS.

    The /vol/code folder is not a direct dump, it only dumps memory-loaded RPX or RPL files. It also extracts the data used by Loadiine and generate "fake" app.xml and cos.xml files.
    The generated files are not full extracted files, only some values are read from memory and stored in the files for loadiine's needs.

    Help wanted

    An icon for the homebrew launcher would be nice.
    If someone wants to write a better readme and usage for github, contact us.

    If you know how to get a list of all rpl files used by a title, then the dumper could be updated to dump them without the need to play the game and load them in memory.


    If you want to thank Dimok for all his work in the WiiU development, you can make a gift in return.
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    Hey everyone,

    this is a test version and the sources will follow soon. I want to see if most of the parts work correct as we want it to and commit everything after that.
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    Out of curiosity, is there some reason game RPLs can't just be dumped directly? Are they not stored in /vol/code? I don't know a whole lot of how Wii U games store their code and RPLs, so forgive me if that's a silly question.
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    Nice, finally we can dump full titles. I was waiting for such a release :D
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    Cool. I'm serious, this is cool lol
    But this is just another tool that 5.5.X users can't use...
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    It doesn't dump the meta folder
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  7. BullyWiiPlaza

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    What's the matter? Will it be added later on?
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    You can't directly access the /vol/meta and /vol/code folder

    Edit:with a bit of magic the meta is possible!
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    Looking forward to seeing the icons people make for this! Lots of room for creativity.
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    Sweetness! Can't wait to get home and test on my 5.4u spoofed to 5.5.1. Thanks @dimok and @Cyan once again!
  11. Chuardo

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    You can also use this with eShop titles or just using Physical Games on disc?
  12. NWPlayer123

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    Yes, any game you can boot into (besides those 3 mentioned in the OP but those you can just download from NUS)
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    Thank you for this guys! This is a GREAT addition to the homebrew community. Can't wait to use it :-)
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    @dimok ... My first shot at a "ddd" icon...

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    great work !!! works perfect at 5.4 !! :D
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    Not quite that yet. We can't dump the tickets.

    We're probabaly gonna have to wait for the IOSU exploit.
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    Is the NUS title key obtainable with this? If I remember correctly, that wouldn't be in the vol folder, but figured I'd ask.

    EDIT: Nevermind, @piratesephiroth literally just answered this.
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    I'm guessing this doesn't dump DLC/make it compatible with Loadiine?
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    Somehow I though it was mayby Dream Drop Distance on the WiiU :P.
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