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    1. DarthDub
      You should post more.
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    2. Deleted User
      Deleted User
      I just managed to get Space Game (the original Browserhax version) to compile as an RPX and successfully launch via Loadiine GX2. Still a little buggy, one of the most major being that it won't exit correctly.

      I wish that i could show you a picture of it running within Cemu, but it seems that Cemu doesn't support OSScreen functions, and I have yet to see Decaf actually launch on my own machine.
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      1. vgmoose
        Very cool! Cemu isn't open source but perhaps, since OSScreen is so simple, the RPX can be passed along to them to implement the OSScreen functions.

        Since it's the browserhax version, does that mean that it's working with those AVM Scaling functions as well? To exit, maybe try what the HBL version does? (just return 0). Interesting stuff
        Aug 4, 2016
      2. vgmoose
        I made a new branch for wut here:

        I'm trying to "have my cake and eat it too" though, by trying to get dimok's sound/resource libs in there. It still doesn't compile due to makefile errors.
        Aug 6, 2016
    3. vgmoose
      *sleeps forever*
      1. VinsCool
        Sleep well sweet prince.
        Jul 5, 2016
      2. Seriel
        *never sleeps*
        Jul 5, 2016
    4. vgmoose
      Icon now has 90% less anime...
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    5. Margen67
      A Pokemon trainer with a Mudkip on his shoulders.
      1. vgmoose
    6. H3llbender
      Thank you for speaking on the behalf of the community, and requesting a public kexploit for 5.5.x. Us non-developers can't speak our minds clearly to other major developers like yourself. I feel as though once the kexploit is released, it would make developing easier for people like me.
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      1. vgmoose
        thanks! I missed this comment, but I agree. It's silly that you need to "prove" yourself to be taken seriously. (Then again, with some replies around here you can start to see why people do this)

        What's even sillier is how hard it is to develop something if things are kept private-- it becomes this chicken and egg situation where you need to be in the "know" to do things but to get in the know you need to do things.
        Apr 4, 2016
      2. vgmoose
        Of course, I've heard the other side of this, and yes I agree it's a bit complicated. Still though, I think the information should tend to being available rather than not.

        Thankfully I was able to get on the scene with the help of others' public releases. And I hope that you in turn can as well!
        Apr 4, 2016
    7. vgmoose
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