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    What? There's never been a password required.
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    Oct 29, 2008
    Hi Mastershoes and sorry for the (very) late response.
    Here is my sg1000 set:
    It is the original set, not the custom one by sion zaphod. Some scans were very hard to find and there are a few games still missing.
    Through some trial and error I found that the correct value for the spine is 59px (it had to be a odd number for the front and back covers to be equal in size). To achieve the correct proportions in Wiiflow I had to shrunk the original spines, so this is actually a shrunken set.
    Some of the blue covers spines are left to be shrunk, I'm not able to use macros to automate the process, and doing it manually has taken a lot of time for me, and now I'm into another time-consuming project (a Wiiflow Lite theme). So maybe I will try to adjust them when I will have more time, or if you want to resize them with macros you're more than welcome :)
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    Any updates to WiiFlow covers there some missing for USA on SNES
  4. Tetsuo Shima

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    Oct 29, 2008
    I'm currently working on a brand new set:
    PC-Engine Japan jewel case

    Reasons behind it
    -PC Engine Hu-cards did not come in boxes like Turbografx-16 games, but in Jewel Cases boxes (identical to CD cases)
    -I was the one behind the PC-Engine CD-Rom set (which is my pride) and I think the PC-Engine deserves the same treatment as well:wub:
    -No more fake custom TG-16 covers for the many Japanese exclusives.
    -The japanese artworks were in many cases far better than the US ones.

    It will feature:
    -High quality scans
    -Almost 100% accurate spines* (there was not a standard spine for Jap games, but several ones with slightly different graphics/colors/logos e.g. Namcot, Irem, Hudson etc.)
    *The only difference from the real ones is that game titles will not be written in Kanji, and they will miss the Vol.# at the bottom.
    -Accurate plastic case color like the originals (The PC Engine games were produced in black jewel cases until the end of '91, and then started releasing in white cases)
    -Almost every game covered!

    It's a very long work and I'm currently halfway through
    Stay tuned and happy gaming!!:yaywii:
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  5. Tetsuo Shima

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    Oct 29, 2008
    It's finally over and ready to be released!
    PC-Engine Japan jewel case
    [Shrunken Spine for Wiiflow] [214 covers]
    download (click the download button in the upper right of the page)

    Covers are divided into black case and white case
    Reason is you can display them in Wiiflow with the right border color (black or white) for greater accuracy (see my previous post).
    If you don't care about it, then just put all covers in the same folder and you're set.
    Instead, if you want to see them with the correct border, follows these steps:
    - Make 2 plugins .ini files for pc engine like this:
    -Put your roms and covers in the respective folders (be sure that they match the ones specified in the .ini files)
    -Edit your source_menu.ini adding both those magic numbers, like this


    Edit: Oh yes I forgot, if you haven't got a jewel case coverflow in your set up, you can use the Rhapsodii theme (or my Rhapsodii Shima edition;)) then go to coverflow #9
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