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  • mate!
    I'm trying to load triforce games (.GC) in wiiflow, using standalone nintendont as a "plugin", separated from the gamecube button.
    The problem is I need a compatible Dol for that plugin since, autoboot and back to wiiflow does not work.

    NOTE:Using the gamecube button twice, gives me dump error.

    Am i missing something?

    Hope youre ok
    thank you for the help and advice. any chance you’d be willing to share your hard work of mame roms sorted into core folders? you’d be saving me a ton of time.

    i totally understand if not so no worries!
    Tetsuo Shima
    Tetsuo Shima
    Sorry I wasn't aware that the links went down, and only now I saw your message here. Now I updated all the links, thanks for pointing this up and excuse me for the late response
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