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  • hi!! , HOPE YOU'RE FINE!
    help me on this issue, please.
    I'm trying to load triforce games (.GC) in wiiflow, using standalone nintendont as a "plugin", separated from the gamecube button.
    The problem is I need a compatible Dol for that plugin since, autoboot and back to wiiflow does not work.

    NOTE:Using the gamecube button twice, gives me dump error.

    Am i missing something?

    Hope youre ok
    Just an update I got it to work with gen plus gx. But, the dol I found to replace for 8bit nintendo works but it doesn't automatically load games, kind of defeating the whole purpose of wiiflow. I think based on what I know about emulators this be similar for snes, and vbax but I will test anyway. I will also test wiisx. if you have any solutions let me know.
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    Did you ever find an answer to your wii u pro controller for the emulators in wiiflow. I have the same question. I prefer this controller and wiiflow is great but it be even etter to have nwere dols work with it.
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