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  • Added a CPS3 set, the Sega 32x CD set from TCP, and a big update to the Sega 32x set. Have fun!
    Hi, sorry to bother you! Do you happen to have WiiU banners and icon for Tales of Monkey Island?
    Full Wonderswan Color set as well as a huge rehaul of the original Wonderswan set have been posted. Have fun!
    FYI, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and Apple II sets got added recently, as well as a MAJOR update to the Atari ST set. Big thanks to @Wiimpathy
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    Hey I also don't know how to message you but I am having issues with your emulator forwarders (which by the way look amazing.) Whenever I try to move to the next emulator channel, from DosBox to WiISX for instance, it completely freezes my Wii and I have to unplug it each time. Is it possible that the channel forwarder wads I used are outdated or is it an issue with my console. I would appreciate any response. Thanks
    It's a known issue, and won't be fixed. You just have to avoid switching via + or -. If that's a problem, you can use the TroyTheZombie updated set, those all function fine with the + & -.
    Hi, Do you still have the files for the Virtual Boy and WiiHandy emulator wads?
    Updates to the Atari Jaguar and Virtual Boy sets this week, have fun & Merry Christmas!
    how to make a picture Supported by Plugin(s) of retroarch? all pictures from Cover Collections work in retroarch how to make another pictures work too?
    SMS covers fully updated. Lots of cleaned/new covers. Shrunken Spine/Master Sets/Individual download folders are now available!
    Hello my friend,
    You would have the covers of games "Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald and Super Bomberman 4 and 5 for Snes or Super Famicom?

    Thank you very much!
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