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    1. migles
      your last post was pretty usefull, i remember one or 2 people trying to get help with bricked wiis and they didn't had priiloader.. but i don't know which people were since it was months ago :(
      i wanted t ask does bootmii starts automatically with the files on the sd card even if it is an IOS? in that case, what can be done?
      1. Badablek
        I'm sorry, but bootmii (IOS) does not protect a wii NOR can start automatically.

        As it is an IOS, it needs a fully functionnal System Menu to start (from HBC or with any bootmii IOS booter). A bricked wii can't start the System Menu, so bootmii (IOS) is totally useless in that case.

        In a few words : You can't do anything with only bootmii (IOS).
        May 9, 2015
      2. Badablek
        Only two "real" protections :

        - bootmii (boot2). As it starts before the System Menu and does not depend on anything from the System Menu, this is the only full bullet proof anti-brick protection

        - Priiloader, replaces the SM executable (moved somewhere else). This is not a full bullet proof anti-brick system (like the System Menu, it needs a fuctionnal wii) but better than nothing.
        May 9, 2015
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