Cheat on Ez 3 in 1 ?

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    I recently tried to find a way to cheat on my Ez 3 in 1 (for the lulz). But it seems there is no way to get Actionreplay/Gameshark Codes to work or ?

    I heard about ways to convert to a file called ".cht". But it seems I don't understand how this works.

    I hope you guys could help me out with this:

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    the .cht files need to be loaded at the time you add the rom. .cht files working on a 3in1 only work if you have a EZFlash V slot one to work with your 3in1. using an R4 or M3 or anything else doesn't allow you to use .cht files with a 3in1.

    You can goto the website and download the cheat code converter that will convert a AR/GS code into a .cht format to use. There are links on the EZFlash forum to all the .cht files from 0001 to 2500 or so you can find there.

    For example if you have a EZFlash III gba cart (any size), when you load a game onto it there is a section right below it to allow you to pick the .cht file to go with it. If you already loaded a game and want to add the .cht file later on you have to del the file and re-up it to the cart with the .cht file selected.