Can I copy savedata from one profile to another one?

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Games & Content' started by Reploid, Feb 4, 2015.

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    I'm gonna pass my Vita to a friend. He has his own PSN account, so he's gonna use it. I would also like to give him my cart with Persona 4 along with my savedata (there is some saveslots with his playtrought inside). So I've saved my savedata to PC, factory reseted Vita, log-ined in his account and... content manager doesnt show backup saves on my PC. I think it due different profile names and some stupid save protection, but... is there a way to bypass it?
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    as far as i'm aware, like certain games on ps3, your save files and trophies are tied to your psn account. Trophies being server side so nothing you can do about those, and save files, some are transferable some are not (on ps3 anyway). It does sound like its a profile lock and the only way around it would be with something similar to bruteforce save data that they use for ps3, it allows you to remove profile locks on saves. I guess if you find something like that you can unlock it...otherwise he's gona have to restart the game new.
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    I forgot
    There's a profile lock, as mentioned, for Vita saves.
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