Broken Sword Director's Cut Wii & DS First Information

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    Behind you! I know you looked!
    IGN have just posted up an exclusive interview with Charles Cecil, the creator of this new edition.
    Important information:
    - An extra chapter in Nico's shoes takes place at the start of the game, and acts as a prologue. This adds another subplot for Nico.
    - New hints system can be toggled on/off.
    - Higher resolution graphics, with facial animations displayed above the character (and on the top screen for DS).
    - New Diary entries summarise the story so far.
    - Some puzzles have been fixed or made more balanced (for example, the dodgy goat puzzle that never made any sense is now more logical).
    - Two player mode in Wii version (no details on this).
    - Original voice actors were used for the new content.
    - Possibility of a Broken Sword movie.
    - Possibility of Director's Cuts for sequels
    - Possibility of a sequel to Beneath A Steel Sky.

    This sounds really interesting personally, and it's a long time since I played Broken Sword last, so I'll definitely play this when it comes out.
    Hit the link for the full IGN interview:
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    Wow, this is awesome... makes me want to go and play Broken Sword once again on my computer.. If only I could find my old original CD >.
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    Well already played this to death and its sequel but the prospect of a sequel to Beneath A Steel Sky makes me happy.
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    Yep saw that yesterday too.
    Can´t wait to play it even it´s the same (but at least they put new story parts in it and some other nice features).
    And i want more Adventures for the Wii for example Indy Jones - Fate of Atlantis as Virtual Console Title [​IMG]