Atmosphère 0.9.0 released, introduces emuMMC support

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  1. Purple_Shyguy

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    Guy who literally only just got emunand tells guy who's been using emunand for 8 months his isn't proper" :rofl2:
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    No mate, you're not using your SX OS licence because you didn't like mounted XCIs being closed when the USB HDD is removed or when the Switch went into sleep mode.

    Why do you expect the entirity of the XCI to all be in the Switch's RAM? Even my 6 year old realised that if you mounted an XCI from the HDD and then removed it the game stopped working - it's like ejecting the cartridge. You mount the XCI From the HDD to see if you like the game, if you do then copy it to the SD card (or install it direct to SD card) for mobile play.

    There was some other similarly stupid reason you started complaining about SX OS, I'll need to spend some time looking back at what it was.

    Oh and then there was the time you had your sysNAND firmware updated over local wireless play - before there was any CFW support for that version of firmware.
  3. nachuz

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    May 21, 2017
    It's funny because you didn't even read me, I used the SX emunand for like 2 months, I can tell you, it sucks
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  4. raxadian

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    Nov 10, 2018
    At this rate of crazy fast updates we might have 1.0 for Christmas.
  5. wiifii

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    i'm sure SXOS will have much better features soon:D
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    Feb 20, 2010
  7. Asia81

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    Nov 15, 2014
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  8. Ivellios

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    So before hacking my Switch i followed everyone advice and backed up my clean 3.2 version nand.

    I only went online once a couple months ago for 20 seconds by accident trying to set up 90DNS. Ever since then i never went online again so i dont even know if im banned or not.

    So before i restore my Nand, is there anyway for me to actually safely check if im banned?
  9. Chizko

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    Jan 24, 2015
    ???? ??? ???
    Well with this SX OS only can became better... or just update after Atmos when a new Firmware update come....
  10. zazamoki

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    Apr 24, 2018
    awesome. glad to see some happy news :)
  11. altorn

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    +1 on these questions. I'm on the same exact fw.
    I have a guess though, that as long as the sysnand is updated into a fw that is supported by AMS, and that sysnand is copied into emummc, homebrew and backup loading will work.
    But yeah, will wait for a definitive answer.

  12. budtoka420
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    Jun 17, 2019
  13. NeroAngelo

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    wait, so what constitutes an "unclean" nand? the only thing i have done so far on my sysNAND is extract keys with Lockpick_RCM, does that make the NAND unclean??
  14. Ev1l0rd

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    I must say that the double standard on these forums is quite baffling.

    On an SX thread all rightful criticism gets stifled and told to go to other threads, whereas on the Atmosphere threads, SX shills happily prance on how SX is so much better than Atmosphere.

    Just an observation.
  15. pcwizard7

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    GBATemp where are you guys this has been offtopic for pages now and why is there so much hate on the forums, people attack you for asking a question, give a opinion or small comment and makes me want to comment less

    we need to make this forum a community again so plz we need a dhange
  16. Extreme184X

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    Jun 15, 2018
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    Lol, wasnt this suppose come out on June 15, 2018, they are 1 year and 1 day late, not to mention its a experimental build.

    Shout out to Atmosphere for better late, than never.
    Also shout out to Team Xecutor for being ahead of the game!!
  17. mike087

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    Jan 6, 2017
    I dont have auto rcm, and I only use one nand

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    Yes, i use ofw
    I dont use sx menu to boot ofw, I only turn on the console normaly without rcm
  18. ffew

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    Dec 11, 2018
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    at first my english is not very good, sorry for this...

    I don't want to update OFW with burning fuses for pegaswitch/nereba purpose.

    Is this configuration for my switch will be working:

    1) Offline OFW 1.0.0 (from clean backup) on sysnand with pegaswitch and nereba, without autoRCM.
    2) Online OFW 8.0.1 (last) on emummc (separate sd) for online play.
    3) Offline CFW 8.0.1 (last) on emummc (separate sd) for homebrew and... other games

    Is creation OFW 2 on emummc is possible? Is emummc 2 or fuses will be detectable by nintendo?
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  19. nikeymikey

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    This is exactly why SX is not obsolete and won’t be until Amtos catches up and add both XCI loading and the ability to play from USB hard drive.

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    All I have seen is amtos peeps saying Sx is now obsolete because they finally have emunand. This has just been corrected by a few peeps including myself by stating the still valid reasons for using Sx and therefore how it is not obsolete.
  20. Ev1l0rd

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    Yeah, this is possible, but probably not yet on this release, unless you want to mess with configuring two emuMMC partitions.

    You can even split off the emuMMCs Nintendo folder by changing the emuMMC ID.
  21. Josshy0125

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    If there are any "shills" on this board, they're all from Atmos users, trying to say how SX "sucks" or are baselessly stating "facts" (note the quotes...) and are using mental gymnastics to reason as to why SX is "terrible", and it's really not. it's just another CFW. They have immature hatred because It's paid. It's the same reason Gateway was getting shat on, even though they had features, too, that Luma didn't have. It's literally all just immaturity coming from literally only Atmos users. Those children need to get over it.

    I truly don't understand it. My friends who use atmos are understanding as to why me and others use SX. And my SX friends are understanding as to why they use Atmos. My SX friends and myself understand why they use Atmos as their primary, and they understand why myself, along with my other friends use SX as their primary. The difference between those people and the children on this board...? They actually ACCEPT and UNDERSTAND with MATURITY that SX has some amazing features that Atmos doesn't, and likewise, that Atmos is free and there's reason to use that over SX. Seriously. Any rational mature person can see this. If they try to argue otherwise, they're childish and are coming from a place of bias and hate. They immediately go on my "shit list" as trolls.

    I don't see this as some sort of "winning game", or that "one MUST be better than the other". For some reason, many here just baselessly bash SX, and it comes from a place of immaturity and bias. It's silly. Just be okay with the fact that SX has features that Atmos doesn't, and that there's reason to use it, and be okay with the fact that Atmos is free, and there's reason to use that.

    Literally. It comes down to preference. And whether you like it or not, there IS reason to use SX over Atmos, just as to others, there IS reason to use Atmos over SX.

    To the children, who try and bash SX, really... grow up. I literally mean that. If you're trying to argue that "SX sucks", you immediately lose all credibliity for your opinions in my mind. You don't post facts, you use your mental gymnatstics in an attempt to justify your own bias. Freaking stop. This is seriously exhausting. Just let people use what they want...
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