ARM7 Patch using dsbuff

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    Nov 26, 2010
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    Most newer games (.nds roms) are not working.

    1. Some freeze after "loading..." screen with nothing but white screen.
    2. Some seem to load then screen turns white.
    3. A couple will display "cannot access data...reload or restart dsi

    Using latest kernal for r4i Ultra version v1.56 which is also displayed in corner on the pac-man screen.

    Been trying to fix for several days with no luck.

    Even tried patching a game with the cannot access error via dsbuff (unpacked Arm7 from several different working games and repacked to non-working game many times...still not working) as someone said it fixes those errors.
    Don't know how to fix the black/white screens

    My 16gb micro Kingston memory card was purchased from Best Buy and r4i Ultra card was bought from the official website so I know they are legit.

    Is there someone out there that is knowlegable with the r4i Ultra cart that can guide me thru the steps that will truely fix these issues?