3.4 Downgrade Help Needed

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by YourEvilMonkey, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Feb 9, 2009
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    I have searched and searched for the past 72 hours(not lying). Im so frustrated and tired of seeing the same pages of tutorials and everything.
    This is my problem:
    I have dail-up over wifi. Atleast I think this is the cause of why I cant download anything from the homebrew apps such as ios downgrader 1.1.
    The only way I can share the connection to any computer in the house is through a proxy which i have set the wii up to and can connect to the shop and ect.
    But cIOS and downgraders cant download the files needed to downgrade. Im using the october 23 fix or what ever tutorial and the eoc one. I cant get past the ios downgrader 1.1 because it cant download anything. Is their a proxy solution or even a solution for dailup users maybe a link to a tutorial that may direct me in a offline downgrade?
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    the only solution i can think of for you would be to:
    1. install a ethernet card in your pc.
    2. get a wireless router..
    3. Now setup the router for your wii.
    4. plug the ethernet cable from your wii into the internet/wan port on the router.
    5. setup your wii to connect to the wireless router.
    6. in windows networking bridge the 2 connections.
    the one coming from your dialup and the one going out to your router!

    Now in theory your pc can handel the requests needed to download the files and it will be sent to your wii over the network....

    This is assuming the servers dont block all proxy connections...
    but i dont think thats it i believe that the homebrew does not use those settings so thats why it does not work..