wizardry summoner

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    Does anyone Know if there was a translation or will there be a translation for this game.
    It was supposed to come out for a us release, but I guess that never happend. I was shopping at a local toy store (Toys R Us) and they had a flyer in the video games secion showing upcoming games to be released, but I guess it did not go through.
    could someone translate this game.
    wizardry series is really great and its a shame for us american gamers to always lose out because for some reason or another the great games don't always make it here.
    thank you.
    P.S. here are some screen shots and info:
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    There was supposed to be a US release but I think it got cancelled shortly before the carts were "pressed" (we have several cases of "unreleased" appearing on the GBA).

    I did have a look at the Japanese rom a while back but it was extremely quick scan through, I did not notice anything that would make it especially bad to translate though. I was not looking for it but a few of the Japanese games of the time had English text in, my current project is Maji nation which has a complete script in it.