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  • Softmod is modding through software and not external hardware chips and soldering

    Short story switch OLED softmod is impossible right now

    Long story It has been one whole year since switch OLED released and four years since Nintendo launched the patched MARIKO consoles. In the year 2019 Nintendo stopped producing switch erista consoles the erista are the only consoles that can be softmodded
    *My only switch console is an OLED
    *I live on a country in Wich they don't sell old V1 erista switch consoles
    *There are no means i can get one of the modchips since deliveries to my country are forbidden by the law
    *If i were to get one of those (Wich is really unlikely) i don't know about soldering and i don't trust anyone enough to make them do that
    hi regarding your old switch oled mod thread you posted before
    i know What you are looking for it is called a softmod
    I feel your pain
    Cause right now I'm the same conditions as you:
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