WiiFree 2.0 B2 (on the fly Region patching)

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    news was here

    2.00b1 - 2.00b2 : Better detection of backup discs, due to updated patching method. If none of your discs is working, you've got the regionsettings wrong.
    1.51 - 2.00b1 : Added Multiregion support for Wii games. Use the configuration DVD to set your region. Or use one of the supplied hexes.
    1.50 - 1.51 : Updated the code, added comments. Better detection of backup disc insert. Cleaner drive detection and alternate LED blink when error.
    1.23 - 1.50 : GC backups support!!! Updated the patching code, removed the wait_disc routine AND ..... Disco!!!
    1.22 - 1.23 : Updated the code, functionality is the same.

    Drive fix not implamented at all. still has studdering problums in 2.00 beta 2
    they say the drive fix is coming soon (6x drive speed) and the gamecube audio fix is also coming soon.