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    Jun 7, 2014
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    Sorry new here and all and of course I have some questions about the hacking process. I've read multiple tutorials, watched videos, checked out wiibrew, and attempted to visit bootmii.org(down/wont load the site for me). Still got problems and questions. Well here goes. I have my Wii U on the latest update. I only have SDHC cards and a copy of Tales Of Symphonia DOTNW. No SD cards are sold around here I checked. Tried Eri HaKawai but says SD card not found along with no code found to load. I get that it's probably because I'm trying to use my 4GB SDHC card or that something is wrong with the boot.elf. Is there any other way to install HBC or HackMii Installer? Any comments or tips would be appreciated.
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    Have you exhausted your search for plain old sd cards in old devices? cameras,phones,dsi,wii anything that might be collecting dust. You can make a 1:1 copy or image of the sd card(verify that it is a good copy). Then format the card temporarily to use in the wiiu. Then restore image and verify(you won't lose any pics or data). Someone you know has to have access to old tech and you probably just do not realize it,yet.