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  1. Ohad1th

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    Jul 23, 2015
    I have a 5.3.2 wii u and my "success rate" at lunching loadiine is really low and anything else is just impossible to lunch
    I can't get wupinstaller to work at all , nor saviine and with loadiine it takes me usually 5-6 tries , and it's loadiine v4 loadiine gx2 or hbl can't lunch at all tried both 64 or 32 GB SD Cards both are compatible
    both self hosting and servers
    I'm getting frustrated read all FAQ and all and I can't get why it's so bad ....
    I literally haven't touched my wii u in months out of frustration
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    Feb 17, 2013
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    Use the latest version of HBL and self host the webserver files: https://github.com/dimok789/homebrew_launcher/releases
    It's based on the new exploit that's near 100% launch success rate. Be sure you have both the elf files on your SD and the webserver files on your host

    Then download the HBL versions of the software you want and put them on your SD:


    If you can't get near flawless launching doing this, you're doing something else wrong
  3. Reecey

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    If your using your own self host package I suggest to install AMPPS in "Full Admin Rights" don't use anything else there not good> http://www.ampps.com/downloads its the best in my opinion for self hosting also then use these payloads in your self host www folder (ignore this link if your downloading the complete package below, it contains the payloads already)> https://mega.nz/#!1BVDGTKB!YTlc5_U2QUfiVIZXwE1TfJ4PK5go5_KLF6stZY4z924

    If you want a really good complete self hosting package to use download this and copy and paste over the contents of the folder "Complete Self Host Package put in www folder" inside the zip file over to your www folder in AMPPS/WWW.. https://mega.nz/#!1IMTGIYD!Ck2FWmuQEq1WD9zZtpIYgsqhqpc5KafvHZNqayLwYeU

    K10 folder is for Homebrew Launching, Loadiine, Dumpiine etc.. and K31 is for Cafiine, TCPGecko, Saviine etc..

    If these dont load first time and every time with AMPPS your setup is wrong somehow your end. Do not block anything on your PC or router, the only IP's you need to block are on your wiiu in DNS setting also make sure your wiiu is on the same network as your PC:-

    In DNS box 1 put "TubeHax":- and in DNS box 2 put "chncdcksn hax":- and save and test do this for every wifi connection even if your using an ethernet adapter. I suggest also put a 4 code lock on your wifi settings on your wiiu so then when you take it around a friends house or lend it out then they cannot be adjusted until you put the code in yourself and change the settings, its a wise idea at least only you will know when they have been changed!

    For Auto loading of Homebrew Launcher( homebrew_launcher.v1.2_RC3.zip) & Loadiine GX2( loadiine_gx2_0dffac5.zip) just put these latest builds on your sd card and please make sure you are using the "SD Slot" in the front of your wiiu cause some others have actually bought a USB to SD adapter thinking you need that to run the exploit with an SD Card. Also give the SD Slot hole in the fornt of your wiiu a good blow and wipe all your sd cards off, sometimes that can help errors and what not from occurring.

    Make sure you put all your homebrew apps in the wiiu/apps.. folder on your sd card. Games go in wiiu/games.., Saves go in wiiu/saves..

    If your not self hosting and you want to use a site and use a good hosting site, this one is the only one in my mind to use for great success rate on your wiiu pad> http://www.wj44.ml/ just click on Details/Visit this site and don't panic its very safe to use, ignore the red page that pops up to begin with! Your Kernal Exploits are on page 1, your Homebrews are in "Kernal Examples" page, the rest of the pages should be self explanatory.

    This last link has everything else for your apps folder on your SD Card for your wiiu all up to date Homebrew as off 22/06/2016, well anything that is really needed and necessary at this moment >https://mega.nz/#!EZV1GAiA!voVXNgBfcOymxLWLDnVnqKbed6csTk5Hld86LzGrz6Q

    I hope this all helps more cause tbh I have come across a few new members now to this new wiiu world that also say the guide in the sticky does not really help at all so your not the odd member out here so don't worry yourself for asking ;) I think maybe to many spoilers/hidden information to find and not enough hard information there for you to read in the op, that maybe the reason as to why!

    Edit: I don't want to go and blow my own trumpet on this but they should just make this reply a sticky tbh, it would save a lot of members, a lot of time and a lot of there hair!!! :)
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