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Apr 5, 2023
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Hi there. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with me, but I've been posting on GameFAQs for a rather long time.

Anyhow, I noticed you guys have a database of 3DS saves. So I thought I should attempt to rip my save files for once...I was planning on doing it ages ago but I wanted to perfect a certain save file. I'm not sure if I want to upload all 3 of my DQ7 3DS save copies, but all 3 have a starting perfect save that's legit. DQ8 also has a starting perfect save that's legit, and has some extras as I was fairly diligent with resetting every day for seeds after learning that was even possible in Week 3 when they were distributing stuff.

I will reiterate this point, as it's something I know certain players prefer: ALL Saves are legit. No codes or cracking. No save modifications of any kind. I may release a save modified version of my DQ7 saves to include the "story" based DLC maps, and to reduce the time stamp from the 80's or 90 hours to lower at a later date, but if so, I will notify that in a post in this thread, and also note that in the save data name and probably a notepad file.

I'll try to upload each with a notepad file with the contents of each save to give an idea of what they contain.

I do realize you already have a starting DQ8 file, but this would offer other benefits and of course for some that added caveat of legit rather than a save file, though it's not hard to copy-paste or vastly improve on what I have here with the save editor, and have it start right at the beginning of the game so you can still see the opening movie with Munchie popping out of the greenery...then the walk to town with the game logo and seagulls flying past.

The DQ8 save would have the following:
  • Slot 2 starts in Farebury right after having initial access to the Church (so all Farebury items are untouched) - so the only things you'd be missing would be the opening video in the forest, the walk to town where the title pops up, and the opening reaction of the townsfolk to Trode. At the time none of us were sure if you could still collect the items if just starting the game but not actually going to Farebury, but we were able to confirm this after I and a few others confirmed you could at least collect them at the Farebury Church save. Then later on, like Week 2 or 3, someone tested their starting save they magically forgot to move forward and found it did contain the starting items...at least on GameFAQs.
  • Time stamp is 3 hours , 50 minutes...unfortunately when I set this up I forgot to close my lid before saving.
  • ALL DLC weapons, Accessories, the Super Seeds, and the Bubble Gum items
  • Medicinal Herb 3x , Special Medicine 2x , Rose-root 1x , Magic Water 7x , Eau de Monster x11 (unfortunately I should have realized you could reset earlier)
  • Seed of Strength x40 , Seed of Agility x15 , Seed of Defense x17 , Seed of Wisdom x13 , Seed of Skill x42 , Seed of Life x12 , Seed of Magic x11 (all Super Seeds were only distributed as a 1x, once each)
  • Double Bubble x6 , Super Double Bubble x1
  • Spicy / Chilly / Mild Cheese 1x , Hard Cheese 3x , Chunky Cheese 5x , Rock Salt 3x
  • Gold Nugget 3x
  • Devil's Tail 3x (for some reason this was a random option)
  • Gospel Ring (the going away present and thank you to the NA / EU fans that was a unique gift for us, but then even Japanese players did not get both Ye Olde Erdrick's Sword and Erdrick's Sword, but they did have a chance for 2x Ye Olde Erdrick's Sword as they sent each special item twice, however they actually required MAKING it into the Erdrick's Sword to even get a second as if the server detected the original was still present, so no starting saves have 2x...so maybe in apologies for the issues getting the servers running and because we were left with the midi OST they wanted to give us two unique presents? Who knows).
DQ8 DLC Weapons:
Ye Olde Sword of Erdrick
- ATK: 20
- TYPE: Sword
- SELL: 225G
- EQUIP: Hero / Jessica (Knives 5 [30sp]) / Red (Knives 6 [59sp])
- Level CAP: None

Sword of Erdrick
- ATK: 120
- TYPE: Sword
- SELL: 61,000G
- EQUIP: Hero / Jessica (Knives 5 [30sp]) / Red (Knives 6 [59sp])
- SPECIAL: Use in battle to cast "Zap" (special: 70~100)
- Level CAP: 40 (Zap casting unaffected by level cap)

Golden Gar
- ATK: 21
- TYPE: Spear
- SELL: 5,000G
- EQUIP: Hero
- Level CAP: None

Black Buzzard
- ATK: 71
- TYPE: Boomerang
- SELL: 30,000G
- EQUIP: Hero / Morrie
- SPECIAL: 1.6x damage to Insects
- Level CAP: 30

Bad Axe
- ATK: 90
- TYPE: Axe
- SELL: 31,000G
- EQUIP: Yangus
- SPECIAL: Use in battle to cast "Swoosh" (special: 55~80)
- Level CAP: 40 (Swoosh casting unaffected by level cap)

Honking Hammer
- ATK: 25
- TYPE: Club
- SELL: 2,500G
- EQUIP: Yangus / Morrie
- SPECIAL: On hit, 25% chance to cast Kasap (works with single target skills)
- Level CAP: None

Candy Cane
- ATK: 1
- TYPE: Scythe
- SELL: 1,000G
- EQUIP: Yangus
- SPECIAL: Always deals 1 damage (even on a Critical Hit, at full Tension, or when using Steal/Stainless Steal Sickle or Grimm/er Reaper)
- Level CAP: None

Dread Dagger
- ATK: 78
- TYPE: Knife
- SELL: 34,000G
- EQUIP: Jessica / Red
- SPECIAL: Chance to confuse enemies on hit, approx. 1/8
- Level CAP: 30

Wizardly Whip
- ATK: 68
- TYPE: Whip
- SELL: 36,000G
- EQUIP: Jessica / Red
- SPECIAL: 1.6x Damage to Elemental types
- Level CAP: 30

Slime Stick
- ATK: 22
- TYPE: Staff
- SELL: 3,000G
- EQUIP: Jessica / Angelo
- SPECIAL: 25% chance to absorb 16 MP on hit (only if an enemy has MP, Tension does not boost absorption)
- Level CAP: None

Night Sniper
- ATK: 75
- TYPE: Bow
- SELL: 29,000G
- EQUIP: Angelo
- SPECIAL: Increased Critical Hit rate, somewhere between 1/8 and 1/16
- Level CAP: 30

Gryphon Talon
- ATK: 86
- TYPE: Claw
- SELL: 34,000G
- EQUIP: Morrie
- SPECIAL: 1.6x damage to Bird type enemies
- Level CAP: None

Fan of Peace
- ATK: 77
- TYPE: Fan
- SELL: 33,000G
- EQUIP: Red
- SPECIAL: Chance to put enemies to sleep on hit, approx. 1/8
- Level CAP: None

DQ8 DLC Armour/Accessories:
ARMOUR (no level caps)
Healie T-shirt
- DEF: 18
- SELL: 100G
- EQUIP: All
- SPECIAL: Heals 1 HP per 1 step

SHIELD (no level caps)
Metal Slime Platter
- DEF: 8
- SELL: 100G
- EQUIP: All
- SPECIAL: Reduce Frizz/Sizz/Bang/Crack/Woosh damage by 5

HELMET (no level caps)
Healie Hat
- DEF: 5
- SELL: 100G
- EQUIP: All
- SPECIAL: +5 Wisdom, +10 MP

ACCESSORIES (no level caps)
Hearty Ring
- DEF: 1
- SELL: 100G
- EQUIP: All
- SPECIAL: +10 HP, +10 MP

Golden Slippers
- DEF: 1
- SELL: 827G
- EQUIP: All
- SPECIAL: 1 Gold per 4 steps

Fire Dragon Charm
- DEF: 5
- SELL: 15,000G
- EQUIP: All
- SPECIAL: Negates Frizz and Fire (breath) damage

Light Dragon Charm
- DEF: 5
- SELL: 15,000G
- EQUIP: All
- SPECIAL: Negates Sizz and Bang damage

Lucky Pendant
- DEF: 8
- SELL: 100G
- EQUIP: All
- SPECIAL: Increases evasion chance by 1/8

Metal Slime Earrings
- DEF: 0
- SELL: 20,000G
- EQUIP: All
- SPECIAL: Reduces all damage by 25%

Dragon Quest VIII DLC Items:
Double Bubble
- FUNCTION: Doubles Gold and EXP for 10 battles
- SELL: 50G

Super Double Bubble
- FUNCTION: Doubles Gold and EXP for 30 battles
- SELL: 150G

Super Seed of Life
- FUNCTION: Maximum HP + 6~8
- SELL: 54G

Super Seed of Magic
- FUNCTION: Maximum MP + 6~8
- SELL: 60G

Super Seed of Strength
- FUNCTION: Strength + 4~6
- SELL: 45G

Super Seed of Agility
- FUNCTION: Agility + 4~6
- SELL: 39G

Super Seed of Defense
- FUNCTION: Resilience + 4~6
- SELL: 45G

Super Seed of Wisdom
- FUNCTION: Wisdom + 4~6
- SELL: 30G

Super Seed of Skill
- FUNCTION: Skill Points + 10
- SELL: 150G


The DQ7 save (one of 3) is what I call a "Super" Kiefer save file:
  • Slot 3 is the perfect start slot, set just after Regenstein is complete, and before even starting L'Arca. So roughly 5% into the story.
  • Hero + Maribel are level 1 , Kiefer is level 99.
  • I played up through the point where The Haven opens. So just after the 3rd island Regenstein. Then grabbed the 3 available story recruits for it for town version 2. Grabbed the Mini Medal. Grabbed enough maps to unlock version 3, grabbed all items, then unlocked version 4. Reset the Tombola for the Gold prize, then abused it to level to 35, then Mad Moles to like 45, then Return to Slimetree Forest to 50 and a bit beyond, then a PKJ map to 99. Other stuff/details in between. Kiefer was originally intended to be in the end-game and even in this version was intended to return in some capacity given he can gear up with almost all the new DLC equipment, and retains his equipment list from the original game which extends through the post-game.
  • ALL 56 normal DLC maps are completed, so ALL clear rewards are already obtained.
  • ALL DLC monsters are recruited (verified by playing through to the Monster Meadows in slot 3).
  • I also recruited both Lv8 Slimes AND Metal Slime S , and I believe Metal Slime / Liquid Metal Slime / Metal King Slime / Platinum King Jewel / Gem Slime as well...there are a few other normal game monsters also recruited. That was fun figuring out doing it solo Kiefer.
  • I kept the 4 maps with unique bosses that cannot be recruited: A Poisonous Party (Putric Stinkenheimer) , A Test of Slime (Hammer from DQ6) , Whipping up a Frenzy (Gracolyte) , Treasure Hunt (Robbin' Hood from DQ3)
  • This particular one I was planning on filling out, abusing a game bug in the DLC 24-hour share system and Street Pass, the other slots with level 99 versions of the Haven maps which I'll explain below.
  • There's a ton of extra items as well, like 99x Wrecking Balls and 33x Elfin Elixirs
  • Bonus Ball x10 (1.5* EXP / Gold for 30 minutes)
  • Bumper Bonus Ball x50 (2* EXP / Gold / Vocation points for 30 minutes)
  • 3x of ALL base tier monster hearts from Slime through to Notso Macho
  • Other monster hearts: Delusionist / Well Wisher / Gripevine / Gigalumph / Ersatz Estark Hearts x1 , Beastly Priest Heart x2 , Drake Slime / Draguar / Platinum King Hearts x3
  • Non-DLC weapons of note also collected: Saw Blade / Rippled Rapier / Icicle Dirk / Blizzard Blade / Double-Edged Sword / Assassin's Dagger / Headsman's Axe / Hela's Hefty Hammer / Wizard's Staff / Lightning Staff / Snooze Stick / Rune Staff / Magma Staff / Demon Spear / Beast Claws / Ferocious Fangs / Poison Needle Plus / Falcon Knife Earrings / Great Bow
  • Non-DLC armours of note: Cloak of Evasion / Dark Robe / Vestment of Virtue / Angel Leotard / Dancer's Mail / Hela's Armour / Sacreder Armour
  • Non-DLC shields of note: Tempest Shield / Ogre Shield
  • Non-DLC helmets of note: Duplic Hat / Hermes' Hat / Happy Hat
  • Non-DLC accessories of note: Mighty Armlet / Extra-Elevating Shoes / Snappy Slippers / Goddess Ring / Lucida Shard
  • Banked Gold: 925k
  • Casino Tokens: 51,545
  • Time Stamp as of right now 88:37 - though it might be just over 90 or at 90 when I do, as I am currently embroiled in getting this done.
The nature of Super Kiefer is based on an Easter Egg put into this version as I'm assuming a way of apologizing for not finishing a clearly unfinished special quest-line with one of the three DLC story quest downloads that are only available in post-game. What happens is at level 50 whatever Kiefer's Resilience stat is, he suddenly gets 660. So if you had 50, he would gain 610 for that level up. He still retains his "baseline" stats, so this is an override. As such he'll only gain 0 or 1 every level for Resilience through to level 99 (especially as this version has randomized stat gains and a stupid stat gain check system that factors in base stats and levels, and can muck up if the programmers accidentally set a 0 for a base stat...never rush game development...this game needed a good extra year at least to complete, and if they had that leverage we'd probably have had built in architecture for other languages and format code whether they planned to release or not under those circumstances...nevermind room to functionally add in Padfood and a few other spells, rethink certain bad tweaks like Wolf's Whistle's ridiculous late-game uselessness, the strange bugs like returned healing from Miracle Sword/Slash, returned damage from Double-Edged Sword/Slash, etc....I digress).

Anyhow this puts Kiefer in a very fun position to become a literal tank god. So if you want this also lets players actually experience that rush, especially since the game servers are still up and running, so you CAN download something crazy like A Hero's Welcome and have fun taking down that boss like I did (the key factor is Rainbow Drop until he has no MP, but be warned it's like 1500 MP...so patience! though he can still be a pain without any MP).

The other two saves for the other two copies have timestamps in the 400h and 900h range, with a lot more stuff, and one has almost every weapon possible to obtain via player made tablets...which for the longest time I had to wait for over the DLC share, though real-time actual values in raw playtime are around 120~130 for the 400h and 150 for the 900h. I had my games open on my desk while doing work, with my character set in a spot for auto-farming stuff where they'd infinitely spawn, see and charge at him...and AI set so I just had to press A whenever I had a second here or there.

As per the Haven bug. There is a bug when sharing maps. For player made maps any secondary share will always end in level 255 or 0 for the leader and potentially the other monsters, (this affects stats, 0 is the game-base line, so at level 1 enemies are already stronger than their base counterparts, and 255 is just whatever their raw cap is, whether it's at 30, 60, and in a few cases 90~99), and this forces only the first room to be accessible as any exit to the next area exits out of the map. This affects the Haven maps differently. There are four potential outcomes in sharing a Haven map:
  1. Normal Haven map as it would be if the Haven recruit handed it to you: 50% chance (roughly)
  2. Normal Haven map except there's a chance for a " " blank item: 40% chance
  3. Level 99 normal monsters, normal boss, chance for a " " blank item: 5% chance
  4. Level 99 normal monsters, level 99 boss monster, level 99 items: 5% chance
The 4th option has no blank items. The random items in Haven maps are based on the boss, and the same as their counterparts if you found your own. So Slimetree Forest if you get that sweet spot of level 99 boss and normal monsters, will carry Seed of Strength as a potential item. The blank items for anyone who is curious, is not bugged, it's dummied out and disappears after a reset even if you save with them in your inventory. They cannot do any damage or bug your game at all, the game just treats them as non-existent, but still physically present as blank spaces in your inventory until you save then reset the game.

Do note that the stats are represented as the same levels and stats when making your own tablets. So if an enemy caps at level 30, it's the same stat cap, I just say 99 because ALL normal enemies in that Haven tablet are at cap, regardless of whatever their cap is. I'm assuming that the chest items are correlated to the Boss level, as that seems 100% correlated after over 50 maps found like this on my other two save files while using the DLC server's 24h share to get access to maps with potential equipment drops I didn't have. In part at the time I was checking what Kiefer could actually equip for my own FAQ to verify what was carried over from the PSX version. So I didn't really keep those maps, but it was fun having a Notso Macho deal over 100 damage on Kiefer, and almost half his health with a crit. I was like...WTF? That was how I discovered this and what led me to diving into it by actually replaying those Haven maps again, then looking for ways to get Wizard's Wands, the Icicle Dirk, etc. as a means of testing lower HP values to verify. Anyway, the length of time it takes, even with multiple systems and street passing myself is a nightmare.

DQ7's street pass is a 6 hour window between checks. Anywhere in that 6 hours it can randomly select for a street pass. So if it's 2 hours after it's baseline then you have to wait 4 hours, then hope the next one is in 2 again, or maybe it's at hour 6, so 10 whole hours can pass before a new street pass. Yeah. It's almost like they wanted to punish people for giving away really good maps they made themselves in a single day. Maybe they felt DQ9 and the focus on the street passing in Shibuya was too much or too easy?


Anyhow I'm not sure when I'll get around to this, but I wanted to put this up as a marker. I kind of want to see if I can get at least a level 99 Return to Slimetree Forest. That and I tend to be lazy in my off time. So hopefully in the next week or so. I also wanted to gauge interest here for this. So if you think this is something the site could use, something people here would be interested in...let me know.

If you want me to customize a few things for a secondary release. Let's say...sell off ALL non-DLC equipment (maybe not the Duplic Hat) and the new stuff like Sacreder Armour / Hela's Hefty Hammer / Poison Needle Plus given they have level restrictions, or selling off the hearts for non-high level stuff, or limiting everything to 1, I could also do that and put that out as a more limited release as well. By customize in this case, I'm only referring to doing it legitimately.
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If you'd like to reactivate the opening sequence, go to the offset 11440 (0000 2CB0), and set it to 301 (2D01). (Note this is for save slot 1/3. Each save slot takes up 68624 bytes.)
Don't forget to update the device/session ID at offset 205892 (0003 2444), which value you can obtain from your current save.

If you don't have a HEX editor, I recommend SweetScape's 010 Editor.

Note this information applies only to the American and European versions of Dragon Quest VIII.
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